Ways to Volunteer in Seattle

There are so many ways to help and volunteer in Seattle, WA!

What’s better than hiking among tall pines, then sipping on some delicious coffee? Volunteering to keep Seattle beautiful and thriving! Find ways to get involved for the causes you care about and volunteer in Seattle on POINT!

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Volunteer in Seattle for Food Security

We all need to eat to live, and ensuring affordable access to nutritious food is key to creating healthy communities.

Via San Antonio Food Bank

Nonprofits supporting food access in Seattle

Emergency Food Network: They provide millions of pounds of food each year to 80 food pantries and shelters, and are dedicated to ensuring they are distributing as much food as possible during COVID.

Northwest Harvest: Fighting for food justice, they focus on providing food today and eliminating hunger tomorrow.

Food Lifeline: A member of Feeding America, they help supply food to hundreds of food banks by sourcing surplus food from farmers and stores.

Volunteer in Seattle for Health and Wellbeing

Ensuring affordable access to healthcare is always important, but it’s especially important now. Help respond to COVID or other health needs.

Nonprofits working for better health and wellbeing in Seattle

Lifelong: With a mission of “health for all,” Lifelong removes barriers to health with relentless compassion, and they fight for those living with HIV. They support people who need access to medical/dental/sexual health services, and assist with insurance and housing.
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Boyer Children’s Clinic: Their work supports the unique abilities of children with neuromuscular disease or developmental delays and help their families become their child’s best advocate.

Committee for Children: Work with this organization to advocate for socio-emotional learning in schools to champion their safety and wellbeing.

Volunteer in Seattle for the Environment

Whether it’s getting kids outside or keeping the PNW green, there’s plenty of ways to do more good for the environment.

Nonprofits helping the environment in Seattle

Camp Ten Trees: Volunteer at this residential outdoors camp for LGBTQ+ youth to give them experiences in nature and a safe place to explore identity, social justice, and more.

EarthCorps: Similar to AmeriCorps, you can join the yearlong program to volunteer and become a leader in environmental restoration, or you can join in on projects as a regular volunteer.

Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust: This coalition-based organization leads and inspires action to conserve and enhance the Mountains to Sound National Heritage Area to create a long-term balance between people and nature.

Volunteer in Seattle for Arts & Culture

Using art as a form of advocacy, self-expression, or healing is incredibly impactful for adults and children of all ages.

Via Kelli Tungay on Unsplash

Nonprofits for the arts in Seattle

Evergreen City Ballet: Become a long-term volunteer with this organization that aims to provide high-quality dance education and enrich diverse communities around the Puget Sound.

Art with Heart: Knowing that art can turn pain into possibility, they seek to bring the healing power of expression to kids facing trauma or adversity.

Volunteer in Seattle to End Homelessness

Washington has the 5th highest population of individuals experiencing homelessness, and in the Seattle area, over 12,000 people experienced homelessness in 2019. Help ensure they are safe and able to access necessary services by volunteering with these organizations.

Nonprofits working to end homelessness in Seattle

New Horizons: They provide programs and partnership for youth experiencing homelessness to ensure they are supported on their journey to housing sustainability.

Seattle Homeless Outreach: There are a plenty of ways to get involved in this organization that provides emergency and humanitarian services to our neighbors living unsheltered. Pack supplies, work directly with people experiencing homelessness, or do administrative tasks.

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