What’s on POINT? December 2019

The best ways to volunteer in Columbus this month

We know the weather outside might be frightful, but doing good is so delightful! Happy holidays POINT fam! ‘Tis the season of giving, joy, and community. It’s a truly magical time of year. We have snow many amazing opportunities to share the holiday spirit and give the gift of making an impact in our communities.

P.S. Give us the gift of a holiday shout out! Tag us @pointapp in your fave ~festive~ pics when you’re out spreading cheer at these events!

The Friends of Goodale Park works to keep Goodale park beautiful and healthy. They restore, improve, and maintain our gem of an urban park. They’ve built gazebos, upgraded playgrounds, planted trees and done soooo much more. Parks are an essential part of communities, and we love to support those keeping them safe and pretty! 

Their annual Holiday Gala is their biggest fundraiser of the year and attendees will be welcomed with a night of delicious food, great music, and a silent auction of local artwork, all hosted at a beautiful Victorian home. Sign up to volunteer and you can be a part of this magical night too!

Event link: https://events.pointapp.org/2272

Why we love this: We love galas! They’re so fun and classy and they sound so cool to talk about: “Just heading home from a gala, nbd. What did you do tonight?” Plus, it’s for an amazing cause— maintaining one of the best places in Columbus. Plus, If you love the environment (don’t we all!) this is a perfect way to do some good!

Celebrating One Info Session
Saturday, Dec. 7

Cause: Environment and Community 

Neighborhood: Short North Area

What to enjoy nearby: The Short North has so many amazing options but if you and your friends are feeling hungry treat yo self to Melt Bar and Grilled for the cheesiest grilled cheese you’ve ever seen or grab a couple of drinks at Standard Hall to continue the night – their boozy lemonade is so good!

Celebrating One focuses on mental and emotional health by publicly acknowledging, honoring, and celebrating the achievements of the underprivileged and unrecognized. They throw parties, send cards, and generally encourage one person at a time. If you strongly believe in the power of small things and changing one life at a time, you’ll be a perfect fit.

Event link: https://events.pointapp.org/2236

Why we love this: We could all use more celebrating! Celebrating and supporting each other feels great, especially if it’s for people that don’t get that celebrated enough! If you are the supportive friend that loves making people feel valued, this is for you!

Cause: Health and Family

Neighborhood: New Albany

What to enjoy nearby: Head on over to the Goat afterward to grab a delicious lunch – their menu is ahhhhmazing and it’s such a cool space to hang out!

Big Brothers Big Sisters Info Session
Wednesday, Dec. 11 (+ more)

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio provides mentors and summer camps for youth facing adversity. They build strong one-to-one mentoring relationships that serve as a foundation for positive impact and life skills learning

This is an introduction to the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization and their programs. The webinar is the first step in the process of becoming a “Big”  (an adult mentor) matched with a “Little” (at-risk youth). If you’ve ever had questions or been curious about Big Brothers Big Sisters this will give you all the info you need!

Link to the webinar

Event link: https://events.pointapp.org/2290

Why we love this: Remember how cool it was when you were little and the older kids thought you were cool? Like that one time when you did really well at tetherball and the 5th graders were like “wow” and you were like “this is the best moment of my life?”. No? Just me? Anyways, you can be that older kid making a younger kid’s day, and do so much more good with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Plus, it’s online so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home and can literally attend in your PJs. Looooove.

Cause: Education and Family

Neighborhood: Online (so your neighborhood!)

What to enjoy nearby: Have friends over and attend the webinar together, and then have a holiday movie marathon or white elephant gift exchange!

The Charitable Roundtable Monthly Gathering
Friday, Dec. 13

The purpose of The Charitable Roundtable is the betterment of all through the sharing of ideas, contacts, and resources. Participants in the Roundtable are leaders who represent charitable or social initiatives and who are highly passionate not only about their own cause but about advancing the causes of others.

*You must be directly involved with the administration or leadership of a nonprofit organization for this event.

Event link: https://events.pointapp.org/2298

Why we love this: It’s like a support system for nonprofits!If you represent a nonprofit or cause, this is the perfect way to bounce ideas off of like-minded people and get support from others that arefacing some of the same challenges as you!

Cause: Community Development

Neighborhood: Dublin

What to enjoy nearby: Cross some gifts off your holiday shopping list at the Tuttle Crossing Mall or find unique global gifts at World Market.

Winterfest Holiday Celebration
Tuesday, Dec. 17

The Reeb Avenue Center is all about supporting the south side community. They work with awesome local partners (think: Alvis, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and the Godman Guild) to provide holistic support for anyone who walks through their door.

Some families don’t have access to warm clothes or toys for the kiddos this holiday season. That’s where Winterfest comes in, providing them with these holiday essentials (and yes, toys are 100% essential) and a welcoming place to celebrate!

Event link: https://events.pointapp.org/2036

Why we love this: Sooooo many reasons! Winter celebrations are the best—it might be cold outside but the warmth and joy of the season is real and you get to share those ~festive feelings~ with those that don’t have the means to celebrate. Plus, you can help hand out toys, which is basically like being Santa for the day. We love it.

Cause: Poverty and Family

Neighborhood: Hungarian Village

What to enjoy nearby: If all that holiday spirit makes you hungry head on over to The Thurman Cafe and grab a burger—there are more than 20 options on their menu! All of the burgers you could possibly imagine!

Blue Jackets 50-50 Raffle
Sunday, Dec. 29

The Blue Jackets 50/50 Raffle is a fundraising program that gives participating nonprofit organizations (like Sam’s Fans and the Special Olympics Ohio) an opportunity to raise funds at Blue Jackets hockey games.

Volunteer duties include being sellers, counters, and coordinators. There will be a training before the game. Please eat before arriving as volunteers are asked not to eat while working. Volunteers will not be able to watch the game BUT there will be a small celebration at another location after the game to thank the volunteers!

Event link: https://events.pointapp.org/2339

Why we love this: You’ll be there helping create Blue Jackets hype for the game, you’re helping raise money for so many amazing charities, and you get a party afterward!

Cause: Health and Equality

Neighborhood: Arena District

What to enjoy nearby: Celebrate your win at R Bar (because you’re awesome and did something pretty cool – ice cool. It’s a hockey bar that will be full of fans to chill with (ice see what she did there). OK we promise, we’re done with the ice puns!


No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.