Why bars suck for meeting women

So my throat is dying because I’ve screamed across the table for 3 hours and paid half a Tesla for a drink. Cheers. And welcome to our weekend. 

Why do people go to the bars? Well, there’s more than one reason, but let’s say it’s for meeting people in hopes of a lasting relationship. 

So you meet someone.

Maybe. (Because not every woman at the bar is there to meet a man; and if it’s girl’s night out, they’re breaking the code screaming with you for more than 7.5 minutes.) 👯

too real, Emma, too real.

You scream for a while, spend too much money 💸, get a number 😎, and a date or somethin. You don’t know much about them and they don’t know much about you. I mean they’ll know you’re good looking, that you may be able to slam back a couple beers, have the money to buy a few rounds, know if you’re a good first impression to the friends…but there’s more to know. 

Rewind to a couple of hours ago

and let’s say you go to an event beforehand. It’s a charity-sponsored event where you cook meals for the supportive families of kids in the nearby hospital you care about – whose lives have revolved through waiting rooms and appointments for maybe months -, you strike up a conversation with a woman there. And she now knows that you’re not only good looking, but care about your community, and have the heart and maturity to use your spare time away from playing COD well and BAM YOU ASK HER TO GET A DRINK 🍻


Thank me later. 

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