Why pictures matter for non-profit events on POINT

When you create an event on POINT, the image goes front and center. We call it the event header image. This is the first impression that your potential volunteers get of your nonprofit.

At POINT, one of our key goals is to improve the way charities/nonprofits are perceived by younger generations. We want to make volunteering the coolest thing to do, we’re sure you feel the same!

Your images can make or break whether someone clicks on your event to find out more.

Here are some tips:

  1. Use colorful background images: We use white text for the title of your event, and it will be hard to see on POINT if the background image is white.
  2. Stay away from images with text: The image will be cropped in the feed, so if it is a text-based image there could be lines of text missing. If you have a flyer for your event, link the flyer – don’t use it as your header image.
  3. Use a clear (not blurry or pixelated) image: In this new era of Instagram, people are used to seeing only good quality images for brands and organizations. Your potential volunteers can get turned off by bad photos.
  4. Capture the action: Rather than showing people just hugging and smiling, post pictures of the real interactions volunteers will have at your event. Remember, Millenials are all about experience (link blog). They want to DO something meaningful, so show what’s possible with action shots.
  5. Keep it light: While your organization may deal with some legitimately heavy situations, try to highlight the positive impact of your organization with focus on the good you’ve got going on, to draw volunteers in and keep them returning to your vision.


No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.