Why POINT is the Perfect App for Millennials

Ever feel like your constant connection to the world leaves you somehow disconnected? Have you wanted to help a cause but had no idea how? Do you feel like you can’t make a difference on your own? Do you want to do something more meaningful with your life than just work a 9-5 desk job? 


It’s a good thing the perfect app for millennials launches in the upcoming months. But what makes it so perfect?

1. It connects you to global needs and causes super easily. 

Just pick what you want to keep up with and let POINT do the rest. Then re-point articles and ideas you find interesting, or add some of your own! 

2. It’s a FREE app! And if you choose to invest in a cause, you know your contribution is actually making a difference.

We don’t take any portion of the money you invest in causes found on POINT, and now you have an easy platform to follow organizations and see firsthand what your money is doing. Plus, you don’t need a lot of extra cash to make a difference; POINT helps you gain the perspective that your $5 could be better off buying a poverty-stricken family a goat than getting yourself an over-priced latte. 

3. It makes it easy to bring meaning to your workplace. 

About 1/3 of millennials say that their career is a success if they are doing something meaningful. Why not take that a step further? POINT is the perfect platform to plan events to volunteer for a cause your workplace agrees is a big deal. Plus, giving back to the community together is a great way to bond with coworkers- perfect for millennials who are starting new jobs.

4. It’s like a wayyyyyyy better version of Tinder.

Cute boy/girl is going to a charity dance-a-thon? That would motivate me to go as well and introduce myself! I mean, you already know they’ve got awesome dance moves, are a fellow POINTer, and care about those in need… what’s not to love?

5. It helps you reconnect with the world around you. 

I don’t know about you, but this year I want to be engaged. POINT makes it easy to connect to your local community and helps you make a difference in the world. 

XOXO, Need I say more?
Photo Lindsey Schad
Lindsey Schad
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No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.