How to support women in healthcare during COVID #HealthCareHeroes

Happy (belated) National Hospital Week! We are grateful for our healthcare workers every day, but that gratitude feels magnified right now. THANK YOU to the men and women responding to COVID—healing people and keeping our communities healthy. Make sure you’ve thanked the healthcare workers in your life, and maybe even send them a little self-care package. Or, donate some medical-grade masks to really show your support for hospitals in Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland!

Here at POINT, we love supporting and empowering women (in fact, we are a woman-led social enterprise and 85% of our nonprofit partners are women-led.) Did you know that 3 in 4 healthcare workers are women? FOR REAL. So that means the vast majority of people making us safer and healthier every single day are some pretty freaking amazing women. They are also out there right now trying to put an end to a global pandemic (shoutout to Dr. Amy Acton, we love you), so please, listen to them, and let’s give them the credit and respect they’ve earned.

Women in healthcare are on the frontlines of COVID.

Since 2000, women have steadily climbed to make up a higher percentage of healthcare workers across types of medicine and roles. But even though women make up 80% of the healthcare force, less than 20% of leadership roles are held by women. Crazy, right?

Women make up 90% of all nurses. Nurse aids, dietitians and nutrition specialists, admins, cleaners, and food service employees at hospitals are also overwhelmingly women and people of color. These people are on the frontlines helping keep people safe, healthy, and alive. Women have a history of stepping up in times of crisis. Thank you for all that you do.

You can help support them by donating medical-grade masks to local hospitals.

Essential women keeping our communities alive during COVID

We’ve seen lately that women are more likely to be essential workers, and it’s true. 1 in 3 jobs held by women are considered essential. We always figured women keep this world spinning, but now we know for sure. From grocery stores to pharmacists to nurses and health aides, women are fearlessly keeping our communities afloat. Plus, 75% of the nonprofit workforce is made of women, and the need for nonprofit services is skyrocketing.

How can I help?

There are quite a few things we can all be doing to help support the women who are keeping our communities going right now.

Donate a mask to women healthcare workers in Ohio

$1 covers the cost of 1 medical-grade mask that will be donated to a health system in your city. Hospitals not only need masks for doctors and nurses, but also for the aides, cleaning staff, and other employees. Those roles are also predominantly held by women and people of color, and many of these essential roles in healthcare are low-wage jobs. You can help them stay safe while they keep us healthy, without ever even putting down your phone.

Volunteer safely, or from the comfort of your couch

Food banks typically rely on older, retired volunteers who obviously should not be out and about right now. Take our volunteer quiz to see if you meet the criteria to be an emergency volunteer right now, then find and sign up for volunteer events on POINT (download free for iOS or Android). You can help pack or deliver food boxes for our neighbors who may be fully stuck at home for health concerns, or who are struggling financially. It’s a good excuse to get out of the house. Please always wear a mask and keep distance between you and others!

You can also sign up for virtual volunteering events, like reading books for kids to listen to, or sewing masks to give out.

Together, we can have courage over COVID.

THANK YOU, to all the essential workers out there. And women, we see you, we appreciate you, and we support you.

Want to send a personal thank you message to an essential worker? Check out Essentially Kind, powered by our friends @ KOYA.

Tweet at us, @pointapp and tell us about your favorite woman in healthcare so that we can thank her in person 🧡

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Lindsey Schad
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