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The easiest way to find volunteers, ever.

👉 Sign up your nonprofit and post events on the POINT Dashboard for free. Volunteers can find your events on the POINT app and tap to sign up!

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POINT Dashboard Lite for Nonprofits. 

The POINT Dashboard Lite and volunteer app matches volunteers with charity events. All you have to do is post your charity events on the POINT Dashboard Lite and the POINT app will find volunteers for you. The app handles volunteer signup, check in, and hours - automatically saving you time. 


Why join POINT?

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Track your charity's impact with our live Dashboard. Keep track of volunteering hours and manage your charity events through the POINT Dashboard.

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Target people

We filter every event based on cause and location - making sure you target the right people. Goodbye "boosting".

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Easy on volunteers

Volunteers can start just by downloading the app. POINT users can find service opportunities based on location, cause, and availability.

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mobile AND WEB

You know what the #1 problem is with most volunteer programs? No quality mobile experience. We took care of that. 

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Go automated

With POINT, your volunteers don't have to remember to turn in hours or log in to a web portal to sign up. It's easier than ordering a pizza.

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Here to help

POINT was started to connect people to charities, we want to help in anyway we can. Reach out on twitter @askpointapp or anytime.