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Streamlining Volunteer Management

Streamlining Volunteer Management

Meet Briana

Briana Calderon has worked as CFA’s Volunteer Coordinator for the past year and a half. She does the crucial work of creating and leading volunteer events, and enjoys being able to create a fun, positive environment where volunteers can connect while helping their community. She believes that “volunteers make the biggest impact on pushing a cause forward…without volunteers, nonprofits wouldn’t be able to grow or fulfill their mission.” She is so grateful that volunteers give their time and their hearts, and wanted to make their experience in volunteering with CFA simple and easy by switching to POINT.

Fun Fact: Briana recently got certified to drive a forklift – a necessity to be able to manage the Foundation’s warehouse inventory full of all the supplies they donate to kids!

Meet Briana

"POINT has encompassed all the
tools we need to keep track of
our volunteers."

"POINT has saved me about 5 hours per week, and allows me to be more purposeful with the time I put into data entry."

Meet Children’s
Foundation of America

There are over 400,000 kids in foster care in the U.S. whose needs are not fully met by the foster care system. Most of these children have suffered trauma, abuse, or neglect, and they need extra care and resources. The Children’s Foundation of America (CFA) works to “identify and access resources to support foster care, adoption, residential treatment, mental health and community-based programs,” so that all children can heal, learn, and thrive.

Meet Children’s Foundation

Briana used to hack
tools together
to manage volunteers.

Switching to using POINT’s all-in-one volunteer management platform has saved Briana 5 hours per week. She used to run CFA’s volunteer program by using a combination of multiple volunteer posting sites, Excel spreadsheets, Word, and Google forms. Keeping track of volunteer activity was a major challenge for her organization. Briana was searching for a better way to track volunteers and provide easy registration for opportunities when she found POINT. It’s streamlined her tasks to manage the volunteer program, and added time back to her days.

Briana used to hack tools together

Now she can manage multiple volunteer programs with one
simple platform.

She loves that volunteer events are easy to create and post, and that she has the ability to categorize the events by which CFA program they correspond to. She can break down statistics by the different programs to see how many volunteer hours have accumulated, how many volunteers served, and how many events were categorized for specific programs. Paired with Foundation-wide stats, this gives Briana and her team beneficial insights about CFA volunteers.

Now she can manage

Briana is grateful there’s now a platform designed for nonprofit needs.

Aside from being an all-in-one platform for volunteer management that Briana can use in place of multiple tools, POINT has additional features that are a benefit to her. She loves that volunteers can easily turn into donors by giving through the app. And, the addition of the in-kind registry has been a perfect way for volunteers to get more involved by contributing the supplies CFA needs for their activities. They provide children with clothing, toys, birthday gifts, and school supplies – Briana can now list all of these items on the registry for volunteers and donors to fulfill. Plus, POINT gives Briana valuable information and statistics that help her improve the volunteer experience.

“I’m able to see trends and who my top volunteers are, allowing me to make better decisions for the volunteer program and offer better recognition of participants.”

Platform designed
“My favorite feature on the POINT nonprofit dashboard is color coding each program. It’s fun to do and super cute! Plus, it gives me valuable information on volunteer activity.”

"At CFA, we provide children in need with clothing, toys, birthday supplies and school supplies and I can list these supplies on POINT’s registry feature."

“The POINT team has been amazing for customer service and support. From the very beginning with the POINT demos, to [team members] personally reaching out to hear our feedback, they have made me feel very included in the growth and evolution of POINT.”

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