POINT Community Guidelines


POINT is designed to uplift and support local nonprofits. As members of this community, we all have a responsibility to be genuine, responsible, and honorable humans.

Please note that POINT holds the right to interpret these guidelines and enforce them. Content that doesn’t align with these guidelines may be removed, and users violating them may face temporary or permanent bans. Remember, these Community Guidelines are separate from POINT’s Terms of Use, Authorized Use Policy and Privacy Policy.

Be Yourself

Your POINT profile should genuinely represent you or your organization. Fake accounts, impersonation, or profiles made to troll or annoy others are strictly prohibited. Sharing another person’s private information without their consent is not allowed.

Be Respectful

Commitment is key. If you’ve signed up for a POINT event, make it a priority to attend. Habitual no-shows will be considered spam, resulting in potential account deactivation. Acts intended to deceive, undermine, discredit nonprofits, violate personal boundaries, or intentionally upset others are not acceptable.

Be Accurate

Accuracy builds trust. When creating POINT events, provide detailed and truthful information. While minor changes to event details can occur, they should still reflect the original event’s essence and intent.

Be Nice

A respectful and kind community is a thriving one. Harassment, bullying, exploitation, hate acts, or any behavior intended to harm (physically, emotionally, or mentally) will not be tolerated.

Be Safe

Safety first! Always prioritize your safety and that of others. Abide by local laws and avoid any actions that could put anyone at risk.

Protect Your Information

Remember, when you sign up for an event on POINT, your information will be shared with the hosting organization. To understand this better, refer to our Privacy Policy.

Keep It G

POINT is a platform for all. Posting graphic, obscene, disturbing, or violent content is prohibited. Let’s keep our interactions and content G-rated.

Maintain Professionalism

Nudity and/or any sort of sexual photos or verbiage is not allowed. Content that hints at nudity or has sexual undertones is prohibited.

Respect Intellectual Property

Creativity deserves respect. Don’t post content that infringes on another’s intellectual property rights.

Integrity in Usage

Use POINT for its intended purpose. Unauthorized access attempts, reverse engineering, copying features, or using the platform to build competitive services are prohibited. Sending unsolicited messages, promotions, or any form of spam is not allowed. Also, using POINT for purposes other than supporting nonprofits or related activities is not acceptable. This is covered in our Authorized Use Policy.

Stay Connected

Feedback helps us grow and serve you better. If you have questions or need clarity on any aspect of these guidelines, feel free to reach out.

No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.