Corporate social responsibility is the new black Point your CSR goals in a new direction Amping up your CSR is big 2020 energy Corporate social responsibility has never been so easy Make a bigger impact on your CSR goals with POINT Boost your CSR program with employee volunteering Impactful CSR is big 2020 energy.

Whether you’re a family-owned shop, a growing local business, or a national corporation, POINT’s employee volunteer management dashboard can help you re-invest your success in the community. Employees get a resource for good, and you get easy management tools and automated reports. It’s a win-win-win (the extra win is for your community😉).

How employee volunteering works on POINT

We do the hard work to make sure your employees have great volunteering options, so that you never have to spend time sourcing events ever again. POINT's synchronized app and dashboard system makes it easy for your company to do more good. Employees use the free POINT app to find and sign up for volunteer opportunities. Our cloud-based volunteer management dashboard automatically tracks employee volunteering activity, showing you involvement metrics on individual, group, and company-wide levels. Plus, admins get access to management features that will save time and energy when building a robust employee volunteering or CSR program.

Nonprofits your employees will love

Special Olympics Son Ministries Habitat Ymca Early Learning Sam's Fans American Lung Association American Red Cross Global Gifts

Doing good is good for your company

Trust us, we know a thing or two about this. Like:

Our world

CSR is good for your brand.

Over half of younger people have purchased a product or service in the past 6 months because the company takes CSR seriously. Ca-ching! Plus, doing good is always a good look. (1)


Millennials will love you.

Globally, 70% of 18-35 year olds want to work for companies committed to making a positive social or environmental impact. Attracting top talent? Easy, just offer POINT. (1)

We support

Volunteering makes employees happy.

Forreal, 94% of employees who volunteer say it improves their mood, and 81% say it strengthened their workplace relationships. We all know that happy employees stay longer. Bring on the work-aversary parties! (2)

Get the most out of POINT


A starting point to support the Black community

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How to support women in healthcare during COVID #HealthCareHeroes

1 in 3 jobs held by women are essential, and women hold 80% of jobs in healthcare. Find out ways to support these healthcare heroes during COVID.
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Food banks and essential nonprofits lead the COVID response while understaffed

Across the United States, nonprofits are needed more than ever but they don't have enough volunteers. As unemployment continues to rise and more families rely on nonprofits for essentials, volunteers are critical. Find out how to safely volunteer...
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Want to engage your employees, boost your company image, and make an impact? Done.