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Getting Started with POINT: 

Welcome! We are so happy to have you on board! First thing’s first, we are here for you. If you ever need anything, reach out to and we will fix you right up. 

Now, for the basics. 

  • POINT is a dual app and dashboard volunteer engagement system used by community organizations, charities, schools, and businesses. Your employees use the POINT app (iPhone, Android and if they don’t have a smart phone they can login here). You, as the company admin(s), use the POINT dashboard.

  • POINT dashboard accounts are available for designated admins at your company. Make sure you use your company domain email when registering. If you want to use POINT on your own to get involved, you can make a separate account using a personal email. 

  • Company dashboard accounts are set up with a main admin and one or more group admins. The main admin is responsible for things that involve the general employee body, and a group admin may be responsible for a specific sub-group of employees (like a department or club). 

Admins can create and manage groups, recommend charity events, create private events for their employees, and access analytics and reporting. Admins cannot create or force employees to create accounts. 

Please respect your employee’s data and only publicly report volunteering metrics in aggregate. When employees sign up to volunteer with a charity, they may be asked to provide personal information like their name, city, email, or phone number. This is ONLY shared with the charity, and used for their volunteer registration purposes. We will never sell user data, and we ask that you do your part in keeping user data protected as well. 

Are you ready to dig into the nitty gritty details? We *think* we’ve got everything covered, but if you ever have a question that isn’t answered here, you can always reach out to us and we will get you an answer as quickly as we can! 

Find out how to make things happen here:

Don’t see whatcha need? Email us at & we’ll help you out.

How the dashboard and the app work together

Your employees download the free POINT app from the App Store or Google Play. (If they don’t have a smart phone they can use the POINT web app here).

When you upload employee names and emails to the dashboard, employees are sent an email with a join code unique to your company that they enter on the app to link their account to the company (learn how to do that here). This enables you to track their volunteer activity. 

Once an employee has signed up for POINT and added their company, they can browse all of the events posted by local charities plus any that their company posts. They can click an event description then sign up by tapping “Go.” It’s really that easy! 

Need more details? You got it. Read on. 

For employees, we made the POINT app:

POINT empowers employee volunteers to immediately, flexibly, and independently discover local nonprofits, minimizing the amount of effort required to find nearby opportunities for their favorite causes. Volunteers no longer have to search for events through a website, or find out via word-of-mouth and register weeks in advance so they can go through the necessary background checks and paperwork. With POINT, volunteers can log in to the app to find nearby events--even on the same day. They can go through all the necessary administrative work to register in minutes, and jump right in as a volunteer.

For companies, we made the POINT dashboard:

A unique code is generated when an administrator uploads employee data (learn how here) and that enables all student volunteer activity to instantly synchronize with your dashboard. Goodbye paperwork! The dashboard lets you create events, manage groups, and see analytics like the causes your employees care about, where they volunteer most, how many hours they’ve volunteered, and more. 

When employees show up to an event, their attendance is automatically recorded on the school dashboard. If employees complete volunteer activities outside of a registered POINT event, they can submit their hours manually through the POINT app and that charity will confirm via email that the hours were completed.

As the administrators, you can track required community service hours for paid time off, employee recognition, inter-departmental competitions, or just track all the good that your employees are doing in the community! The reporting feature on the dashboard lets you see the impact your employees have in the community, and easily share out high-level statistics.

How to Follow Causes & Charities

POINT was developed to connect people with causes they care about, and users find events based on their favorite causes. The 20 different POINT causes are inspired by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Read more about them here

The main admin can have the company account follow causes that your employees care about the most (you can see analytics for their favorite causes on the dashboard). When your company follows a cause, you’ll get notified any time an event that supports that cause is created and can blast it out to your employees! 

Causes in orange are ones you follow. You can see which charities support that cause by clicking on it. Your employees have the ability to do this on their app as well.

If you’re wondering exactly what each cause supports, you can see that in the “Cause Details” section. These are the same descriptions that your students see on their app when they follow causes. 

How to View and Follow Charities: 

There are 140 charities in Central Ohio that use POINT to find and manage volunteers. If you want to keep up with the charities that your employees like the most, you can follow them on the dashboard. When you follow a charity, POINT will send your company account a notification when that charity posts an event so you can share it with your employees. 

  1. Use the filters to search for charities by geographic location, cause, or volunteer age limit.

  2. Pick the charity you want, and then tap “Follow.”

  3. Click on their events to see details and click the green “Share” button to blast the link to your employees! 

How to Upload Employees to POINT

You’ve signed up your company, created your profile, and are ready to add employees! Hooray! All you need is each employee’s name, email, and any relevant club/department statuses in one excel file (CSV).

For now, send this file to our Head of Community Outreach, Stephanie. She will get all of the employees uploaded to POINT and make sure they each receive an email with the company’s join code.

That’s right, for now you get to sit back and relax! We got it.

How to edit my company’s profile: 

Note: Only main admins can access.

Your company profile is important--this is where all your employees connect with you. Be sure to make it snazzy! 

You can edit your company’s profile by navigating to “Profile” on the dashboard sidebar, then clicking the little pencil in the upper right hand corner.


Tips for Making a Great Profile: 

  1. Make sure the username is affiliated with your company and not your own name. 

  2. Make sure the “About” section isn’t too wordy; 2-3 sentences should get the point across! App users have the ability to click on your website link on your profile page and can get more information there. 

Everything you Need to Know about Groups: 

One of the best features of POINT’s dashboard is separating your employees into groups. You can track hours and data for particular departments and clubs. You can even make private events for only the people in a certain group or groups. 

Creating a Group

  1. Navigate to the “Groups” section of the dashboard sidebar

  2. Click “Create Group” 

  3. Follow the prompts with these helpful hints:

    POINTer: Make the group name indicative of who is in the group, e.g., “Marketing,” “New Hires,” or “Broad Street Office.” 

Creating a Sub-Group 

This is a great feature for clubs or groups that may have different sectors or committees. For example, “Floor Workers” might be the parent group and have subgroups like “Supervisors,”  “Engineering Technicians,” “Operators.” 

  1. Navigate to the “Groups” section of the dashboard sidebar. 

  2. Create a new group and choose “Parent Group” from the dropdown. Pick the main group that you want.

  3. Pick the employees that will be added to the subgroup (they must be a part of the parent group).

Editing a Group

Super easy. Hit the pencil icon at the top of the page. Edit away.

Everything you Need to Know about Admins: 

Your company dashboard account will have one main admin that has access to billing, settings, and your company’s profile. All other admins will have only have access to the groups that the main admin has assigned them. 

You can add new admins by navigating to “Settings” then “Add new admin”.

Note: You’ll have to create a group to assign them to first.

The main admin has access to:

  • Billing

  • Company Profile

  • Adding new admins

  • POINTer: One school can have up to three main admins

Group admins have access to: 

  • The groups they create

  • The groups they were assigned to by the main admins

  • Creating events

  • Verifying hours 

Important note: If you are an admin but want to use the POINT app to find ways you can do more good outside of school or with your family, make sure you use a different email than the one you use to sign into the dashboard (which should be your company domain). 

Getting the word out about POINT in your company:

You’ve done the smartest thing you could possibly do to level up your employee engagement: you’ve joined POINT. Now it’s time to get your employees excited about POINT and out there doing more good! Here’s a few ways to make that happen. You can find our logo, some posters, and some pictures to use in newsletters/social media in our press kit here.

Feel free to copy and paste the text below and use it. Just remember to replace <Our company> with your company’s name. It sounds like common sense, but sometimes people might be rushing and forget to replace it. We just don’t want it to be you—we’ve got your back!

Staff Email Announcement: <Our company> is using POINT to track our community impact! Using the free POINT app, employees can find service events posted by over 150 nonprofits filtered by the causes they care about and sign up with a tap. Employee activity is instantly synchronized to the POINT dashboard from the POINT app. Soon, you’ll receive an email with a unique join code that connects your app to our dashboard.

Social Media Announcement: <Our company> is on @pointapp! All our employees can download the free POINT app, follow causes they care about, and sign up for a volunteering event by tapping go. Now it’s as easy to #domoregood as it is to book an Uber.

Community Newsletter Announcement: <Our company> is using POINT to make doing more good as easy as booking an Uber. Our employees (and spouses, significant others, & children!) can download the free app, follow causes they care about, and sign up for charity events by tapping “go”. Find out more at

Here at POINT, we’re trying to create a culture shift in how people view volunteering. Here are a few things you need to know when talking about POINT, a.k.a our Brand Guidelines. Please follow and respect them.

POINT is reshaping how people view charity. Our goal at POINT is to rebrand “volunteering” into a lifestyle of doing more good that comes from a love of community, and is not guilt-ridden or forced.

PLEASE DO NOT USE TYPICAL ‘VOLUNTEERING LANGUAGE’ THAT CAN MAKE AN EVENT FEEL BORING OR RELIGIOUS (“making a difference,” “less fortunate,” “helping the needy.” INSTEAD, PLEASE USE PHRASES LIKE “do more good,” “empowering communities,” “volunteering on your off days,” or “get involved with something you care about.”


If you have any questions about our Brand Guidelines, contact our Communications Director, Lindsey, at and she will be more than happy to help you!