All About Join Codes

If you’re reading this page, you’ve probably received an email saying your school or another organization invited you to download POINT. Now it’s easier than ever to volunteer with your club, church, school, or business.

What is a POINT join code?

A join code is a 6-digit number that connects your activity on the POINT app with an organization (like a company, club, or school). Your activity on the app will be displayed on that organization’s POINT dashboard they use to track all the aggregate impact your group is having in our community.

How do I get a join code?

Your organization’s admin will send you an email from POINT with your unique 6-digit code and instructions on how to enter the code on the POINT app.

How do I enter a POINT join code?

Guess what. It’s super easy. After you download POINT (IPhone, Android, or use the web app here) there will be a screen called “Join Code” on sign up asking for you to enter a 6-digit code. Enter your code there.

If you skipped that page or downloaded the app before getting a 6-digit code, navigate to your profile on the POINT app, hit the little gear icon that represents “Settings”, then hit “Connect with your organization.”  Enter the code you found in your invite email from your organization and voila! You’re in!

Still have questions? Email us here and our tech wizards will help you out.

Adding Org Code After Sign Up.jpg

Why is this awesome?

When you enter the unique join code, it connects you with your school, company, club, or church. All your volunteering activity on the app connects seamlessly with the dashboard the organization’s admins use to track data. They get info like what causes your group cares about the most, what nonprofits you’ve served the most hours with, and the economic impact you've had on the community (without data entry or paperwork). What a win!

Have an organization in mind that could benefit from point?

Hit us up at We know you’re already doing amazing things in our community—now let’s track that impact with POINT’s dashboard.