Networks by POINT

Networks by POINT is a platform to link many different organizations under one umbrella to coordinate, track, and report on volunteer activity. Networks can be utilized by any enterprise-level entity: national corporations, city governments, volunteer centers, and large nonprofits.

With networks, you get access to our volunteer management dashboard, and individual members of your network organizations use POINT’s free app to find and sign up for volunteer events in their community.

How does a POINT network operate?

By creating a network, you link organizations together so you can see network-wide statistics, enable collaboration, easily source thousands of volunteer opportunities, and streamline cross-organizational communication.


Manage your network from the POINT dashboard.

You’ll get a dashboard to manage your network and access data to see the community impact your organizations have in their cities.

Invite organizations to join your network on POINT.

Organizations could be corporate branches, separate companies, nonprofit chapters, community organizations, or schools. They get access to a volunteer management dashboard to create and co-host events, manage groups, and see statistics.

See statistics from your network.

You automatically get access to network-wide and organization overview stats on volunteer hours, economic impact, causes supported, volunteer trends, and more.

Access data from all organizations in your network.

You’ll automatically be able to track aggregate data across your network, but can also choose from varying levels of access charities have to allow in order to join your network. Pick the level of access you need to run your network effectively.

Create events for your network.

Events you create are automatically recommended to the organizations in your network, who can then sign up to participate.

Encourage volunteering through partnerships.

Highlight charities working for causes that matter most to your network, by creating partnerships on POINT that automatically update network members when chosen charity partners post new volunteer opportunities.

Select network visibility.

Networks are shown on an organization’s profile, and can be either closed (join by invite only), open (join by requests) depending on the visibility and access you wish your network to have. You can also create an invite-only secret network that is not shown on organization profiles.

Access data from linked organizations.

Every network account owner gets aggregated network-wide data. Depending on your organization and network needs, you can request the level of access you wish to have with your linked organizations.

Volunteers get an easy-to-use app.

Find Opportunities: Current volunteers at your charities download the app and connect to that charity, which is connected to your network. They’ll see all of the events from that charity in their feed, plus more opportunities related to the causes they select.

Verified Participation: Volunteer attendance is verified on the POINT dashboard by the nonprofit sponsoring the event.

Highlighted Events: Depending on the level of access you request, you can select events that will be pinned at the top of the app feed for volunteers in your network.

Automatic Reminders: Volunteers receive automatic event reminders by email and push notification from POINT for their upcoming events, saving organization admins time.

Track Activity: Volunteers’ activity is tracked on the app and then automatically synchronized with the charity admin’s dashboard. You will get access to this information in aggregate for charities in your network.

See Personal Impact: Volunteers can physically see their impact on their app profile. POINT automatically updates their profile with hours volunteered, charities they volunteered for, events attended, and more. They can set goals and track their progress.

Your organizations get an all-in-one dashboard.

Live Statistics: On the dashboard, admins see a live view of volunteer activity that they can export as ready-made reports to PDF and CSV.

Public and Private Events: Admins can create private events just for internal volunteers (think: board members, background-checked volunteers, etc.) or for the public.

Group Management: POINT makes it easy to create and manage and volunteer groups. Organizations (and you, depending on your requested access) can see stats for each specific group.

Co-Host Events: Organizations can co-host events with other entities on POINT (nonprofits, community organizations, schools or companies). So, if you have an event sponsored by your network, several organizations can co-host it.

Recruitment: POINT helps charities in your network easily find new volunteers. They can create public events, visible to anyone who has the POINT app so new volunteers can sign up for their opportunities.

Reminders: POINT bugs volunteers so your organizations don’t have to. They get notifications about charities they follow and reminders for events.

Support: You’ve got our community’s back, and we’ve got yours. Chat, email, or call us any time you need help.

Ready to create a network?