Nonprofit FAQs:

Here are the answers to your burning questions about POINT and all it’s glory. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Email us at

What is the difference between POINT and POINT Lite?

  • POINT Lite is our free dashboard that any 501(c)(3) nonprofit can use to post events to find and engage with their volunteers.

  • POINT is the subscription version of the dashboard. Charities can pay a monthly subscription (super affordable and super worth it - check out our pricing here and the features here) to manage their volunteers with statistics, group management, live data, and reporting.

Why can’t I post an ongoing event?

Right now, POINT is designed to be used to get volunteers through the door of your organization through one-off events. We’re building and expanding our technology all the time, so check back in the future when we’ll have more features where you can manage daily events!

If you have any suggestions for us on what you would like to see in your volunteer management technology, let us know at

What if no one signs up for my event?

This sucks… We know. Don’t give up though! We tell nonprofits that it takes the average person 7-8 times to see something before they commit to it. That’s why Google shows you the same pair of shoes you looked at online a million times! If nothing else - posting your event is great marketing and lets the community know that you’re active.

What if there are no shows to my event?

We do our best to remind POINT users that they signed up for your event via push notifications and an email reminder, but sometimes people just don’t show up. We also list the % of events someone has no-showed to on their POINT profile as a reminder to be accountable. Don’t forget to mark them as a no-show on the check-in page so everyone’s hours can be accurate!

How many admins can I have?

It’s best to sign up for POINT using a general email, like to avoid confusion with turnover. We’re working on more admin roles - check back with us in August!

What do I do if the person in my organization who ran POINT has left?

Email us at and we’ll change it to a general email address that will stay with your organization through staffing changes.

Why does POINT go city by city?

Anyone can use POINT to manage and engage with their volunteers (even schools and clubs!) and it is GREAT. But to POINT changes communities best when everyone starts using it together - just like Lyft needs both riders and drivers.

How can I get POINT in my city?

If you want POINT to have a presence in your city, we need 50 emails of interested nonprofits and 500 emails of interested users. Tell your community to sign up here.

How do people hear about POINT?

You can tell them. If you want more information, get more material from our bomb Community Outreach Manager by emailing