Free volunteer
engagement software

Volunteer engagement is crucial to any nonprofit’s success. Our free POINT dashboard for nonprofits gives your organization tools to keep volunteers interested and coming back.

Free volunteer engagement software

Give volunteers an easy way to track their impact

Enabling volunteers to track and see the impact they’ve had gives them a sense of accomplishment for doing good. It also is motivation for them to keep coming back to work with your organization. Each POINT volunteer gets their own impact tracker profile that details all of the ways they’ve given time and money.

You can see this information too, and there’s lots of possibilities for how you can use it to boost engagement! For example, you could send each volunteer a thank you card at the end of the year with a copy of their stats (specific to your organization), or use this data for friendly competitions with prizes for volunteers who reach a certain number of hours or donations.

But our volunteer engagement tools don’t stop there. We also send them notifications and email reminders for the events they sign up for, enable nonprofits to easily contact volunteers, and we have multiple ways for people to get involved. They can give time by volunteering for events, or donate any amount of money (because every dollar counts!), or even contribute gently-used or new items to your in-kind registry.

Give volunteers

Simple volunteer engagement tools

POINT gives you simple, easy-to-use tools to retain volunteers and keep them involved with your mission.

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Volunteer App Features

Volunteer App Features

Volunteers can access your organization’s opportunities on the mobile app or web platform and your own website. Each volunteer on POINT gets their own Volunteer Impact Profile to track their impact, total up their donations, and easily see the organizations they support.

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Volunteer App Features
Automatic Volunteer Time Tracking

Automatic Volunteer Time Tracking

By checking a volunteer in at an event, you approve their hours. We automatically track hours for events posted on POINT, but volunteers can add their own outside hours to their POINT profile using either the mobile app or web platform.

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Self-Submit Volunteer Hours

Self-Submit Volunteer Hours

Don’t lose out on the reporting the work volunteers completed on their own time! Volunteers can also self-submit hours for your organization, and POINT notifies admins so they can approve, edit, or deny those hours.

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Micro donation giving

Donation Button + Form Integrations

We know how important it is to keep everything in one place. Expand your donor pool while keeping fundraising streamlined with our fundraising platform integrations. We make your lives (and your volunteer’s) easier by bringing in the platforms you already use to power donations made on POINT.

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Curious about our other (free!)
volunteer software features?

POINT also helps you recruit and manage volunteers, and report on your organization’s success. And we give all these great tools to nonprofits for free because we love ya!

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Nonprofits love how POINT’s volunteer software supports engagement

Keeping volunteers engaged with your organization can take a lot of time and effort. From training volunteers, to providing a multitude of ways to get involved in this ever-changing new reality, to even just keeping your organization top of mind for people, volunteer coordinators have their work cut out for them. POINT gives you everything you need to streamline volunteer engagement and boost your people power. The proof arrow right

‘‘Volunteers used to email or call me to sign up for shifts and I kept track of a schedule in spreadsheets. POINT has saved me 15 hours a week on volunteer management. POINT is unbelievably simple for me and my volunteers. It’s the tool we needed.’’

Fresh Market Jess Grady, Volunteer Coordinator -
All People’s Fresh Market

Ready to better engage your volunteers?

We’d love to get to know your organization and welcome you to POINT! Wanna dive a little deeper first? Book a demo with us! Ready to get started? Sign up for free! We can’t wait to help you change the world. (And we’re excited to see your logo listed on our app under the causes you support 🤗 )

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