Make nonprofit impact reporting easy

Wouldn’t it be great if you had access to free, automatic, easy-to-read statistical reports on your volunteer’s impact with your organization? Now you do with POINT’s free volunteer data management, analytics, and reporting system!

Make nonprofit impact reporting easy

Free software for nonprofits that streamlines data management and reporting

When we set out to build POINT, we heard over and over again that nonprofits didn’t have an easy way to keep track of their volunteer data or report on their organization’s impact. So, we made a solution. On your nonprofit dashboard you can see aggregated data about total volunteer impact with your organization, and cut the data to look at the impact specific to certain periods of time, programs, volunteer groups, and more. Plus, all of this data can be easily exported to share with corporate partners, your board members, or the public.

Our automated reports include exactly the information grant makers and big donors loveeee to see. We’ve even gone a step further to visualize the data and make it beautiful and easy to understand. Attach these reports to your grant applications to give reviewers a comprehensive look at your volunteer program, or include them in year-end summaries for donors.

Free software for nonprofits

Free volunteer data analytics and
reporting features

Share your impact with the world using POINT’s free tools for nonprofits:

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Automatic Volunteer Time Tracking

Volunteer Time Tracking

By checking a volunteer in at an event, you approve their hours. We automatically track hours for events posted on POINT, but volunteers can add their own outside hours to their POINT profile using either the mobile app or web platform.

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Volunteer Statistics and Reports

Auto Impact Reports

Use our automatically generated statistics to see everything from big picture trends to detailed volunteer activity, and filter data by groups or programs. These insights can be used to improve your volunteer program or share in reports for stakeholders.

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Check-In Stations

Checkin Stations:
Kiosk + QR

Cut back on admin time and responsibilities with volunteer self-check-in features!

On POINT, there are 2 different types of check in stations: You can either have volunteers self-check-in on a organization’s computer or iPad via kiosk or scan a custom QR code right from their smartphones. (You can even display a QR code from the Kiosk view, shown in the photo on the right)

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Self-Check-In Stations
Self-Submit Volunteer Hours

Volunteer Self Submission

Don’t lose out on the reporting the work volunteers completed on their own time! Volunteers can also self-submit hours for your organization, and POINT notifies admins so they can approve, edit, or deny those hours.

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Curious about our other (free!)
volunteer software features?

POINT also helps you recruit and manage volunteers, and report on your organization’s success. And we give all these great tools to nonprofits for free because we love ya!

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Nonprofits love how POINT’s volunteer software supports engagement

Keeping volunteers engaged with your organization can take a lot of time and effort. From training volunteers, to providing a multitude of ways to get involved in this ever-changing new reality, to even just keeping your organization top of mind for people, volunteer coordinators have their work cut out for them. POINT gives you everything you need to streamline volunteer engagement and boost your people power. The proof arrow right

‘‘POINT has been a life changer in terms of keeping track of my volunteers’ hours. I can do so much with POINT that we have not been able to do as efficiently before.’’

Tiffani Beissel RCASA Tiffani Beissel

Ready to better engage your volunteers?

If you need more proof for why creating a POINT account might be the best decision you ever make, book a demo with our fantastic team! Ready to level up your volunteer management system? Sign up for free! Let’s do more good, together.

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