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Nonprofit Feature

Calendar View

See your volunteer events at a glance.

Easily keep track of all your volunteer opportunities

The admin calendar view on POINT lets you easily visualize all of your upcoming volunteer opportunities in one view. Use the calendar to dive into a quick view of the event, see volunteer signups and access check in capability or edits. Events from the calendar view can also be duplicated, canceled or deleted.

Badges on calendar event previews show admins if the event is ongoing, if volunteers need a background check, if the event is set as private or if you personally have turned on email notifications for that event. Events are color coded to denote what percentage of volunteer slots have been filled to give you a read on your recruitment efforts at a glance.


Volunteer recruitment progress at a glance

Use the Color legends to see the status of your recruitment efforts. Admins can find events not yet filled at a glance so no volunteer opportunity is forgotten.

Need Pro features like Program Management?

With Pro you get robust features like document storage, program management, priority support and ongoing volunteer event management. The best part is, this is just the beginning. Our team will be releasing new Pro features on a regular basis. What’s up next? Integrated background check management, custom fields in event creation and more.

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