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Checkin Stations:
Kiosk + QR

Cut back on admin time and responsibilities with volunteer self-check-in features!

On POINT, there are 2 different types of check in stations: You can either have volunteers self-check-in on a organization’s computer or iPad via kiosk or scan a custom QR code right from their smartphones. (You can even display a QR code from the Kiosk view, shown in the photo on the right)

Self-Check-In Stations

Check-In Kiosks

Kiosks allow your volunteers self-check-in on your organization’s computer or iPad without an admin needing to be present. Volunteers search for their name and our smart system pulls up an opportunities they registered for on that day.

Create different color coded Check-In stations (either Kiosks, QR codes or a combination) for different locations or volunteer programs depending on your needs.

Volunteer Check-In Kiosks

Volunteer Self-Check-In via QR Code

Or, create a QR code check-in you can print or digitally share. Volunteers can scan this code to check-in themselves on their own smartphones.

Common ways to use QR code Checkin:

  • QR Codes perfect for big events or outdoor volunteer activities. Print these codes with instructions and display at Volunteer Tables.
  • Organizations post QR codes with instructions on their Volunteer entrance doors so volunteers never miss check in
  • Instead of printing, if admins want to meet each volunteer that checks-in an admin will display a QR code on their phone and have a volunteer scan it.
  • Use QR code check-in for virtual volunteering. Add a QR to a presentation and display it over zoom.
Volunteer Self-Check-In via QR Code

Admin Controls

When a volunteer is checked in, POINT automatically tracks hours based on the event or shift’s length in your POINT dashboard. FYI, admins can easily change the volunteers hours if the volunteer stays longer or shorter than anticipated.

To keep the correct admin in the loop (and cut down on notifications), display a different “Check-in Contact” per Station to send volunteers to the right person if they have any issues checking in.

Admin Controls

Need Pro features like Check-In Stations?

With Pro you get robust features like document storage, program management, ongoing volunteer event management, check-in stations, background checks and priority support.

The best part is, this is just the beginning.
Our team releases new Pro features on a regular basis.

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