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Document Storage

Store your volunteer documents in one place.

Document Storage

Store all your volunteer documents in one place

Keeping track of volunteer documents can be a nightmare. POINT’s Document Library helps all of your admins not only keep track of the right forms but the right versions as well. Tap on a specific document to see where exactly the document is used on POINT and the latest versions. If needed, move a document from inactive to active or sunset documents while keeping your records complete.

Attach documents in your library to events for volunteers to view before signing up. Attaching volunteer handbooks, waivers or parking maps for each event can ease the onboarding process for volunteers.

All documents

Add documents to volunteer profiles

Simply attach a document to your volunteer’s profiles on POINT for easy storage. Documents such as signed waivers, volunteer applications, photos, and background checks can be saved with an accompanying note. Though text isn’t necessary for document storage, notes can be helpful for internal management of communications. For further streamlined communication with your team, POINT lets you know the date a document was added and by which admin.

Documents in profile

Need Pro features like document storage?

With Pro you get robust features like document storage, program management, ongoing volunteer event management, check-in stations, background checks and priority support.

The best part is, this is just the beginning.
Our team releases new Pro features on a regular basis.

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