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Donation Button + Form Integrations

We know how important it is to keep everything in one place. Expand your donor pool while keeping fundraising streamlined with our fundraising platform integrations.

We make your lives (and your volunteer’s) easier by bringing in the platforms you already use to power donations made on POINT.

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Donation Button

Find your fundraising platform and set up in 5 minutes. Easy.

Our goal is to save you time and sanity, even if you’re not the most techy. Don’t let the word “integration” scare you, we’ve made it as easy as possible to pull in your fundraising tool to power donations made by volunteers on your POINT page. Choose your system from our list on the Integrations page on your admin dashboard and follow the prompts to set it up. Done!

When volunteers click “Donate” on your POINT page, they’ll be taken to your pre-existing donation forms and all data will be streamlined with the system you use.

Need a fundraising tool?

Look no further 👀

It’s your lucky day! If you don’t use a donor management system yet but want to, some of our partners are offering POINT nonprofits an exclusive discount.

Need Pro volunteer management features?

With Pro you get robust features like document storage, waivers, program management, ongoing volunteer event management, check-in stations, background checks, priority support and more!

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