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Giving Reports

Say goodbye to complicated Excel formulas, and easily report on your POINT donation activity and trends with automated
no-frills stats.

POINT makes it easy

See donation history and track giving trends

When volunteers give to your organization on POINT, their donation activity is automatically tracked on your dashboard. Use these statistics to easily see which volunteers have given you to on POINT, or break down donations statistics by groups or dates/date ranges. You can also look at a compiled list of individual donor activity.

Bonus: if you integrate with Kindful, your POINT donations show up in your overall donor stats on Kindful!

See donation history

See how volunteers can turn into donors with our automatic
giving stats:

  • The total amount donated to your nonprofit through POINT
  • Donations for that day, week, and month, as well as an indicator for any trends in giving activity over those time periods
  • A graph of donations made over time, so that you can see the impact of giving campaigns, any big volunteer events, or identify times with unusually high giving activity
  • Donations by groups of volunteers – this could include school or corporate groups, which helps you easily report out on your collective impact with any partners
  • Your top donors through POINT for all time or a certain
    time period
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See how volunteers can turn into donors

Optimize your funding asks

Track trends in donations to your organization, so you can make strategic funding asks. Do people give more right after big events? Or at the beginning of the school year? Time your asks so that you can maximize donations based on people’s natural giving behavior. You can also easily see information about individual donors and the volunteer groups they belong to. Do most of your donors belong to a volunteer group (such as people who only volunteer for a certain type of event, or a school or corporate group)? Create specific asks for those groups to better engage them and create frequent micro giving habits.

Optimize your funding asks

Automatic impact statistics for in-kind donations

You can use our in-kind registry to allow donors to drop off/ship new or gently-used items to your nonprofit, or provide directed funds towards a specific item. Use the dynamic registry link to not only share your needs, but allow your supporters to gift, fund, or buy items in real time. See donor statistics specific to your
registry donations.

We automatically compile the total number of donors, and you can use date range filters to look at different time periods. You can also see how many items have been reserved (aka dropped off or shipped to you), and the total of directed donations to fund purchases of specific items. POINT sees a 4x increase in donations when supporters use the registry feature.

Our platform also quantifies the monetary value of items that are reserved on the registry. When you list items, you can provide an exact cost or an estimate. You’d give a price estimate when you’re looking for donations of gently-used goods, such as office furniture, or when the item is generic, like cloth masks. Any time an item is gifted off the registry, POINT tallies up the value of that donation and adds it all together for you so that you can easily report the total value of in-kind goods (even used items) that were donated to
your nonprofit.

Automatic impact statistics

Track microdonations
from your volunteers

Give your volunteers a chance to give a lil’ extra while they’re already engaged in your mission.

Your volunteers can easily give $$, anddd you can track donation trends. Easily export to your donor management system.

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