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Turn volunteers into donors on POINT - no amount is too small
or too large!

Micro Donation Platform

Enable volunteers to easily donate to nonprofits

Nearly 80% of volunteers also donate money to the organizations they give time to, and 42% like to volunteer before giving money – take advantage of that with our donation tools! There is a button that says “donate” on your organization’s POINT page, and volunteers can make a secure donation through the app or web platform (or they can donate goods through the in-kind registry!). Their donation impact is tracked in their POINT profile, right next to their volunteer hours. And, every donation made on POINT is tax-deductible! POINT Global (our 501c3 nonprofit) collects the donations and re-grants them to your nonprofit at the end of the month. The best thing is that it requires no work from you.

Note: We charge the small processing fees to the donor, and are super transparent about exactly what the fees are and where
they go.

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Enable volunteers

Encourage micro-donations from volunteers

POINT’s donation platform can be used to source frequent, small donations. Think of them like tips. When people volunteer with your organization, you can ask them to donate a couple bucks through the app before they leave if they had a good experience. Some volunteers (such as students or some retirees) might not be able to contribute to big asks during fundraising events, but could chip in a few dollars every once in a while.

And those small amounts add up! If 100 people volunteer with your nonprofit in a given month and half of them donate only $5 after their volunteer experience, that’s $250/month or $3,000 per year. Plus, you’re not limited to only your volunteers. Anyone on POINT can see your nonprofit’s page and donate to you. You can even share your POINT page link across social media or email lists to give people an all-in-one place to donate or sign up to volunteer.

Pro-tip: Consider adding a line in your “About” section of your POINT page that prompts people to make a small donation.

Encourage micro-donations

Automatic monthly donation cashouts

When a volunteer donates to your nonprofit through POINT, we send a check to your nonprofit. However, in trying to minimize paper use and emissions from mailing things, POINT waits until donations towards your nonprofit have reached at least $25, and then we send your donation total to you in one check at the end of the month.

You don’t have to do anything to cash out. Checks are sent out automatically after the threshold has been reached. You DO need to make sure that the address on your POINT page is where checks should be sent, though 😬

Automatic monthly donation cashouts

Donations add up in your impact statistics

Every donation made to your organization on POINT is included in automatically generated statistics that you can access through the dashboard. On the “Donation stats” page you’ll find total donations for that day, week, month, and year, as well as any trends or changes over time. You can also see your top individual donors. Plus, you can filter donation stats by a specific time period (such as the dates of a fundraising campaign) or by volunteer groups. This is perfect for easily reporting out funding stats to your board, the public, or any corporate partners.

Nonprofits can also see a list of the people who donated to them through POINT. Remember that companies and schools can have POINT accounts, so you might see donations by organizations as well as individual volunteers.

Donations add up in your impact statistics

POINT donor management integration with Kindful

If your nonprofit manages your fundraising efforts using Kindful, we have great news. Our POINT micro-donation platform offers a Kindful integration. This enables you to sync contacts between platforms and prevent duplication, update contact records to add POINT-captured data such as volunteered hours, update your Kindful stats to include donations made through POINT, and more. Donor and volunteer management made simple. You’re welcome.

POINT donor management integration

Start maximizing donation potential for your nonprofit

Micro-donations enable you to tap into more people in the community who want to support your mission. Tap into the power of your volunteers and create your free POINT account! Need to take a closer look first? Book a demo, we’d love to meet you! Happy to have you here, we can’t wait to do more good with you!

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