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POINT Mobile App

There’s an app for everything now, including volunteering. POINT’s mobile volunteer app meets people where they are - on their phones - and helps your organization expand its reach.

POINT Volunteer App

Find and engage volunteers with the POINT app

No matter where you’re located, how big your nonprofit is, or which causes you support, you can expand your nonprofit’s recruitment capabilities by engaging volunteers on our free mobile app. We have POINT volunteers in all 50 states!

When an individual signs up for a POINT account, they select their location and the causes they’re interested in supporting. Users are shown a personalized feed with upcoming volunteering events for those causes in their city. By posting your events on POINT, you can reach new people who are interested in helping serve
their community.

Find and engage volunteers with the POINT

A volunteer app that keeps your nonprofit top of mind

While POINT can help you find new volunteers, the app also helps you engage the people currently volunteering with your organization. Encourage your current volunteers to download the free POINT app to easily sign up for your events and track their impact. Or, you can upload volunteer information (such as name and contact information) on your nonprofit dashboard, and they will get an email prompting them to download POINT’s app and create an account, or sign up on the free web platform.

A volunteer app

Increase volunteer engagement with
your mission

Volunteers associated with your organization will see a personalized feed that keeps your nonprofit’s events pinned at the top to increase their engagement with your mission. If you create private events that are only open to certain volunteers, such as people who have had background checks or are regular volunteers for a certain program, those will also be highlighted at the top of the
volunteer’s feed.

Want to check out what volunteers see?

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P.S. We promise all POINT users get access to the same great features, whether they use the mobile app or web platform.

Increase volunteer engagement

Find and engage
millennial volunteers

The average American checks their phone over 60 times a day for an average daily usage of 5.4 hours. But this is even higher for younger generations:

  • Over 10% of millennials spend more than 12 hours on their
    phone daily
  • Nearly half of Gen Z uses their phone for 10 hours per day

While many nonprofits rely on older volunteers, there is a growing need to attract younger volunteers as older folks may become less engaged as they age or feel uneasy volunteering during pandemics that could pose a grave risk to their health. Nonprofits are realizing that engaging younger volunteers in meaningful ways is crucial to the long-term success of their organization. What better way to do that than by reaching them where they spend most of their time?

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Find and engage millennial volunteers

See why community members love the free POINT app

People love POINT’s app because it’s modern, easy to use, tracks their individual impact, and it’s free! We strongly believe that finding ways to engage with your community to do more good should always be accessible. That’s why we will never charge volunteers to use our app, and why we created a web platform for people who may not own smartphones. But don’t take it from us, hear what POINT volunteers have to say!

Add your nonprofit to our volunteer app

We’d love to get to know your organization and welcome you to POINT! Wanna dive a little deeper first? Book a demo with us! Ready to get started? Sign up for free!

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