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Nonprofit Feature

(Volunteer Hub)

When you create a nonprofit account on POINT, you get a customized POINT page and volunteer hub so people can find all of the important information about your organization in one place.

Custom POINT page and volunteer hub

Your POINT page and volunteer hub creates a single call to action

Your POINT page has a shareable custom URL that you can use to give volunteers all the information they need to know about your organization. You can share this link anywhere to reach your volunteers across platforms. Your nonprofit page acts as a volunteer hub that lists your organization’s contact information, mission, the causes you support, all of your upcoming volunteer events, a donation button, and your in-kind needs registry if you’ve created one. Plus, your page is listed under the causes you support in the volunteer platform so that volunteers can easily discover your nonprofit and get involved!

Already have a website and want to integrate your volunteer events from POINT? You can, check out our website integration feature.

Easily engage volunteers with your all-in-one nonprofit profile page

  • List causes you support
  • Provide contact information
  • Link your website
  • Communicate your organization’s mission
  • Source monetary and in-kind donations
  • Enable easy volunteer event signup
Easily engage volunteers

Volunteers can find your nonprofit on POINT

Lots of people want to volunteer in their community, but it can be hard to find reputable nonprofits without knowing their name. Volunteers can get frustrated searching through Google results, or playing phone tag with volunteer coordinators to figure out how and when they can get involved. With POINT, you can minimize that issue.

Your POINT page lists all the causes your nonprofit supports. Then, your organization shows up under each one of those causes—like a nonprofit directory—on the volunteer app and web platform. So when a volunteer clicks into the “Animals” cause tab, they see a list of all of the nonprofits that support animal-based causes. When they click on an organization in that list, it brings them to their POINT page and volunteer hub. From there POINT users can donate, sign up to volunteer, read about the mission, or visit your website if it is linked. What are you waiting for? Get discovered and easily recruit new volunteers!

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POINT pages are easy to create and edit

We hate it when technology is confusing. That’s why we made sure that your all-in-one page and volunteer hub is super easy to create and edit. Just drop in the essentials: a logo (preferably one that looks good in a small size), your contact info, the causes you support, and a couple paragraphs about your organization and mission. And any time you create and post an event on POINT it automatically shows up on your POINT page. If you want to save even more time, check out our website integration feature which automatically updates events on your organization’s own website.

POINT pages

Small organizations love having
a POINT page

Many nonprofits on POINT are small, local organizations, and we love that we are able to support their work with our free tools. If your organization doesn’t have a website yet, your POINT page is a great resource to share with your supporters and community. It contains all the important facts about your organization, and community members can sign up to volunteer or donate with a tap!

Small organizations love having

Join POINT and set up
your volunteer hub

Ready to take the plunge, but just wanna see it first? Book a demo with us! Jumpin’ right in? Sign up for free! We can’t wait to do more good with you! (And we’re excited to see your cute little logo listed on our app under the causes you support 🤗 )

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