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Nonprofit Feature

Volunteer Programs

Separate and manage volunteer programs.

Program Management

Clear Volunteer Program Management

You can create programs within your account to organize your events in line with different parts of your mission (for example, a homeless services organization might use programs to separate their food bank events from their free clinic events).

Report per Program: Program tags seperate certain volunteers or groups (such as medical students who only help with free clinics) to specific programs. Volunteers who self-submit hours can log them under programs, too. When you tag a specific event for a program, those event hours will be counted under your full organization stats and stats for that program.

Recruit per Program: With our program tags, you can create separate iframes for those events to add them to specific sections of your website. For example, you might make an iframe for only events tagged as “Fundraising” to embed on the “Development” page of your organization’s website. Using tags adds numerous customization options and helps you get clearer data for all activities within your nonprofit.

Volunteer Program Admin Notifications

Program admins can use programs to create a “home base” for all of their own volunteers, events, and reports so they aren’t overwhelmed by organization-wide data.

Each admin can specify notifications for the events in their program so they’re front and center while saving the inboxes of other admins at your organization.

Need Pro features like program management?

With Pro you get robust features like document storage, program management, ongoing volunteer event management, check-in stations, background checks and priority support.

The best part is, this is just the beginning.
Our team releases new Pro features on a regular basis.

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