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Volunteer Self Submission

1 in 3 nonprofits have volunteers that do work on their own time. Don’t lose out on tracking and reporting that impact!

Manually add and approve volunteer hours

For all the nonprofits out there that usually have volunteers submit hours via Google Forms, we made this feature just for you. POINT allows volunteers (or admins) to manually submit hours that get added in with your nonprofit’s automatically tracked hours and show up on your total impact statistics.

Lots of people serve nonprofits outside of specific volunteering events. Track the hours for the person coming into your office once a week to do cleaning or filing, a volunteer that tutors students on their own time, or a graphic designer who occasionally helps with your outreach materials or social media. If you’re a skills-based volunteer organization and don’t host specific volunteer events, this is also especially relevant for you.

Volunteers can add their own hours from their POINT profile on the app or web platform, and mark that those hours went to your nonprofit. They can even specify if it was for a particular program. For those hours to be tracked in your nonprofit dashboard and show up in your organization’s statistics, all your admins have to do is hit “approve”. It gives volunteers flexibility, but still allows for accountability. And it’s so easy!

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Self-submitted hours tracking is great for:

  • Board members
  • Event committees
  • Mentors/Tutors
  • Skills-based volunteers (designers, coders, social media managers, lawyers, etc.)
  • Small nonprofits who don’t have a robust volunteer program but need to track hours for grant applications or other forms of funding
Self-submitted hours tracking

Add descriptions
to outside hours

Tracking hours for volunteers working on specific tasks and roles can be tough. When volunteers submit their own hours, they can attach those hours to a specific program, or write a description of the task they completed. That way when your admins go to approve the hours, they know exactly what was completed.

Add descriptions

Add board members’ hours to your impact

Our flexible time tracking options are great for board members who volunteer their time to your organization, but don’t sign up for a volunteer event on POINT for their meetings. Members can manually add the hours they’ve spent on meetings and other tasks. If it is useful for annual reporting, you can generate statistics that show the total hours volunteered by board members using our program option. Board members can see their total impact, and you get those hours included in your nonprofit’s data. Wins all around.

Add board members

Volunteer Resume (Personal
Impact Profile)

Our self-submitting hours feature can be used by volunteers or local nonprofits anywhere in the U.S. Even if there aren’t any nonprofits on POINT in a given area, volunteers can add hours manually. To verify hours and have them added to their profile, they have to input contact info for someone at that nonprofit to approve their hours over email. This is incredibly useful for students or anyone else who needs verified community service hours.

All self-submitted hours are tracked and added to a volunteer’s profile after they’re verified. Anyone, anywhere in the U.S. can use POINT to make a volunteer resume that they can use on college or job applications, to meet graduation requirements, or to get volunteering program benefits from their employer.

(Psst! Are you a school administrator and want an easy way to verify your students’ hours? Check out POINT
for Schools

Volunteer Resume

Instantly sync volunteer hour data

Our software continually syncs so that self-submitted volunteer hours are instantly visible as soon as you approve them. Volunteers instantly see their impact grow in their profile, and you get an update to your organization’s stats. You never have to worry about accidentally forgetting to add volunteer hours to your stats, or about accidentally duplicating them.

Instantly sync volunteer hour data

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Whether you have lots of volunteer events, or lots of people giving time when they can, POINT helps you engage your people and track their impact.

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