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Opportunity, Event and Shifts

Easily manage volunteer events by creating timed shifts that can be used for long events, or use shifts to allow signups for
different roles.

Easy event management with timed shifts

Most events on POINT are about 4 hours long. When you create an event, the default is that volunteers sign up for the full event time. Planning a longer or multi-day event? No problem. You can use our shift feature to break it up and allow people the option to sign up to volunteer at specific times. Pro tip: we’ve found that volunteers respond best to 2- to 4-hour shifts for longer events.

The best part is that shifts are super easy to create. Just add ‘em as you’re creating an event on POINT, under the “When” section.

Easy event management with timed shifts

Engage volunteers with different roles using shifts

Have an event where people will take on different roles or tasks? Let people sign up for roles ahead of time to reduce your work day-of! You can use named shifts to create sign up options for specific tasks throughout the day. These kinds of shifts can be set for the total event time, or they can have different start and end times. You can even add a description to each shift so that volunteers know exactly what they’re signing up for and if there are different requirements for different roles (such as wearing weather-appropriate clothing for outdoor shifts, or completing a background check to work with children). Your account admins can easily contact the just volunteers who have signed up for specific shifts to remind them of any necessary information.

For example, with long events you might have a shift at the beginning of the day for greeters, and one at the end for a clean up crew. Or you can set shifts for the same time but with different roles, such as child care or serving lunches.

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Engage volunteers

Give volunteers flexibility

The best thing about shifts is that volunteers can sign up for more than one! If you have a multi-hour event, people can sign up for different shifts throughout the day for the roles or times that work with their schedule. Volunteers will get automatic reminders and notifications for each shift they’ve signed up for, so you don’t have to worry about it!

Shift hours are included in impact tracking

Volunteered hours from all shifts are automatically added together for your total event impact, and are tracked in your organization’s statistics and the volunteer’s impact profile. If a volunteer signs up for more than one shift but doesn’t work all of them, admins can check them in for only the shifts they actually volunteered to ensure that your data is accurate.

Shifts streamline and customize your event management

Do yourself and your team a favor and make event management a loooooot easier.

We’d love to get to know your organization and tell you more great things about how POINT can help you boost your peoplepower—book a demo with us! Ready to get started? Sign up for free! We can’t wait to help you change the world. (And we’re excited to see your cute little logo listed on our app under the causes
you support 🤗 )

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