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Easy Event Sign Up
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Our free volunteer management tools simplify every administrative task, including volunteer signups and check-ins.

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Simple volunteer
event management

Our POINT dashboard for nonprofits makes managing volunteer events super easy. Once you create an event and publish it, volunteers in your area can see it on the mobile app or web platform. (Psst, we even automatically add and update events across platforms with our website integration option!) Events default to being publicly visible, but you can also create private events that are only visible to certain groups or volunteers.

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Simple volunteer

Instant volunteer signup

Volunteers find events by scrolling through their personalized feed, or by looking on your organization’s POINT page. When they find an event they are interested in, all they have to do is tap “go” and they’re signed up! You can contact all of the volunteers who have signed up for an event using the options on our dashboard, but POINT automatically sends volunteers an email confirmation and reminder, as well as app notifications as the event date gets closer.

Easy volunteer check-in

For each event you create, you’ll see a list of all the volunteers that sign up. You can easily check them in by using the action options next to each volunteer name. You can select if they are “Checked In,” “No Showed,” or “Canceled.” We automatically take this data and give you stats on your volunteer attendance rate in your dashboard. Have someone who didn’t sign up on POINT but came anyway? No worries! You can have them pull out their app to sign up when they’re checking in, or an admin can manually add their hours later.

Automatic volunteer event impact tracking

Event impact is automatically tracked and added to your statistics page on the dashboard. This allows you to easily see total impact data from all the events you’ve hosted or co-hosted.

For volunteers, every time they are checked-in to an event, POINT adds the event hours to their personal impact data which is shown on their profile. It also adds the event to a personal event attendance list and displays that they’ve volunteered with your organization. This makes it easy for volunteers to remember you – all they need to do is check their profile to see your nonprofit POINT page link!

Easily assign and reserve volunteer spots

Have an event where a corporate partner is bringing a group of people? You can easily assign or reserve spots to be filled only by certain volunteers or groups when necessary. This means that you can ensure certain individuals or groups have slots available just for them. Volunteers will still have to confirm that they will use a reserved spot.

You can do the same thing to assign a spot to a particular volunteer, like your Tuesday afternoon regulars. Also use this for people who need to fill specific roles or be present at a particular event. Manually assigning a spot to that person means that they don’t have to sign up for it on POINT, but we still send them reminders and you can see their name on the event list, check them in, and capture their volunteering data in your statistics.

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With POINT, volunteer event planning and management is easy. Our platform gives you all the tools you need to save time and ensure your volunteers have a great experience.

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We can’t wait to see your volunteer events on our feed 🤗 Let’s do more good!

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