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Volunteer Activity Profiles

Get personal - use volunteer activity profiles to familiarize yourself with volunteers, and even add notes that you can refer back to.

In-depth volunteer activity profiles

Personalize your volunteers’ profiles

On POINT’s nonprofit dashboard you can see custom profiles for your volunteers that showcases their history of involvement with your organization. See their contact info, attendance rate, total hours, donation history, which events they’ve gone to, and the causes they support. Their activity profile also shows you any groups you’ve assigned them to, and which of your programs they’re involved with.

Ever meet a volunteer who was really great at a certain task, or who mentioned an area of expertise that might be useful to your nonprofit? Add a note on their volunteer profile to remind yourself! You can also use notes to keep track of any trainings or forms volunteers have completed. These notes are only visible to your organization’s admins – not the volunteer.

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Personalize your volunteers profiles

Engage volunteers in meaningful ways

Volunteer activity profiles help you better engage volunteers. You can use the data compiled here to track trends in individual volunteering or donation habits. Maybe you notice that someone only volunteers for a certain kind of event. You can use that insight to add them to a volunteer group that includes regulars for that kind of opportunity, to give them first dibs (using reserved spots) on those events in the future. Or, if you notice that someone has made a donation every month for a certain amount of time, write them a personalized thank you note!

Make sure you take a peek at their favorite causes. Maybe one of them aligns with a core program for your nonprofit, but the volunteer hasn’t attended any events for that program. Reach out to let them know there are more ways to get involved with your organization for the causes they care about.

Engage volunteers in meaningful ways

Build better relationships with volunteers

One really great way to keep volunteers coming back is to show that your organization knows and appreciates them. Take a peek at the people signed up for an upcoming volunteer opportunity, that way you can get to know a little about new volunteers before they show up, or make sure you greet returning volunteers by name. Encourage your admins to add notes about any conversations you have with volunteers that would be helpful to build strong relationships. For example, maybe someone mentions they work for a well-known local business. You can make a note in their profile about it, and reach out to see if their company is interested in group volunteering opportunities, or would be willing to sponsor an upcoming event.

Build better relationships with volunteers

Track volunteer engagement over time

There are options to filter the data shown on the volunteer profiles to be more recent, or give you a longer view. Look at the month or week insights to see recent involvement, or zoom out to a year to get a big picture view. Maybe they get really engaged over the summers, but drop off in the fall. That could be a cue to reach out around that time to remind them of all the ways they can support your organization, even if they don’t have as much time to volunteer.

Track volunteer engagement over time

Ready to improve your volunteer insights?

We know you love your volunteers, so we gave you ways to get to know them even better. Intrigued? We’d love for you to see the benefits for yourself when you join POINT!

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