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Auto Impact Reports

Let us crunch the numbers - make reporting a breeze with our automatic volunteer impact statistics.

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Simplified volunteer
data management

One of every nonprofits’ absolute favorite feature on POINT is our automatic statistics and reporting. We track volunteer and donor activity for your organization and use it to create statistical reports that you and any other admin can see on your nonprofit dashboard.

Think you don’t need stats? Think again! These reports include exactly the information grant makers and big donors loveeee to see. Attach these reports to your grant applications to give reviewers a comprehensive look at your volunteer program, or send to donors so they can see the impact your activities have.

Better communicate volunteer impact

With our automatically generated volunteer event statistics, we give you all the tools you need to effectively communicate your volunteer impact. Use it to see total numbers, or filter by date ranges, groups, and programs for an even more granular view. Pop it in funding reports, or a presentation for your board, or even compile your stats in an end-of-year impact report to send to volunteers!

Better communicate volunteer impact

See volunteering and attendance statistics at a glance


It’s always helpful to know how many people have gotten involved with your nonprofit, so we show your total number of volunteers and total volunteered hours right at the top. We make it easy to dig a little deeper by showing you the percent of active volunteers. And, as a treat, we calculate the economic impact of hours worked by your volunteers. This arms you with quantitative data that’s perfect to have on hand for funders, grant organizations, or local governments.

We also show you the top volunteers at your organization based on how many hours they’ve volunteered. You can see all-time top volunteers, or filter by time periods. Use this data to keep your most consistent volunteers feeling loved and send them a thank you note. Or, use it to inspire other volunteers to up their game by sharing the stats like a volunteering leaderboard and give out prizes to the top volunteers each month.

Use stats to better understand your volunteer demographic

We’re always trying to improve the usefulness of our statistics, and adding more data on volunteer demographics is on our list of to-dos. But for now, you can see a breakdown of volunteer ages to get a more complete sense of your people power. Have a lot of elderly volunteers? Might want to start more targeted recruitment for young volunteers to keep your people power going strong.


Events and attendance rates:

Easily see how many events volunteers have attended for your organization, and get a breakdown of attendance rates. We even show event attendance activity over time, so that you can see when volunteers are more active with your events, and take note if certain times of year differ in the attendance/no show rates. Not to brag, but nonprofits that use POINT see great attendance rates – our average attendance across posted events is 97% 🤗

Events and attendance rates:


While every nonprofit can select a couple of core causes supported by the organization, which are shown on your POINT page, you can also select different causes that specific events support. Our automatic stats show you a breakdown of which causes are supported most often by your events.


Easily report on your impact with our
volunteer statistics

Reduce your workload, but level up your impact reports. We can’t wait to see how your organization benefits from automatic data tracking and statistical reports – the world runs on numbers and we’ve got the tools to help!

Need a walkthrough? Book a demo with us! Ready to jump right in? Sign up for free! We’re so excited to add you to our awesome roster of nonprofits across the U.S.

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