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Whether your volunteers use our mobile app or web platform, they get access to amazing features for free!

Volunteer App Features

Providing free tools to nonprofits AND volunteers

We started POINT to provide a starting point (haha, get it?) for finding ways to volunteer for the causes people care about. After we built the free app, we realized we needed to tackle some major problems faced by local nonprofit leaders, who are overwhelmingly women, by the way. (We love to see it 💁‍♀️ ) Our goal is to give any and all nonprofits – for free – the tools they need to save time and sanity while doing incredible work in our communities. The POINT nonprofit dashboard provides nonprofit leaders and admins an all-in-one, easy-to-use management platform, but what really makes our system great is our focus on supporting an incredible
volunteer experience.

Providing free

A beautiful, easy-to-use volunteer app

Let’s get real. Most volunteering platforms out there are web-based, clunky, malfunctioning, and frankly, they’re ugly. Our app was designed by tech natives to appeal to millennials and Gen Z, and we deliver on the kind of seamless user experience younger volunteers expect. We also made a user-friendly web platform for any volunteers who don’t have smartphones, or older volunteers who might not prefer using an app.

Volunteer app

Cause-based local volunteering opportunities

When a volunteer signs up for POINT, they pick their location and the causes they’re interested in (like homelessness, animals, food, health, etc.). We show them the events associated with those causes that are in their area, so their feed is full of opportunities that interest them. Volunteers associated with your nonprofit get your events pinned at the top of their feed. To sign up, all they have to do is click into the event details and tap “go”! And don’t worry, we bug them and send reminders about the event so you don’t have to.

All that to say, you just have to put things out into the world (aka the app), and we make sure the right people see them at the right time – and that they show up! Across POINT events, our volunteers have a 97% attendance rate.

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Cause-based local

Nonprofits can add volunteers to their organization

When you import volunteer contact information to your dashboard, you can send custom invite links to join POINT as a volunteer. Once they’ve created an account, they’ll have an invitation waiting to join your organization. All they have to do is click accept, and your events get pinned to the top of their personalized feed so your nonprofit is always top of mind. Every time they open the POINT app, bam! Your nonprofit’s events are right there, just waiting for them to sign up.

You can also invite volunteers to join your organization at any point! Consider doing this when a POINT volunteer has signed up for your events consistently, that way you can add them to volunteer groups and ensure they see your events first in their feed. All you have to do is send a quick invite through the dashboard, and the volunteer can accept or deny it.

Nonprofits can add volunteers

POINT tracks individual volunteer impact

One of the best features for volunteers is that they can see their impact on their POINT profile. Every time they attend an event or donate to a nonprofit, those hours and dollars are added to their stats. They can even log their own hours served with nonprofits who aren’t on POINT yet, or manually add hours for times they volunteer with a nonprofit outside of a listed event (your admins have to approve those hours). Why is this important? Because seeing the impact you’ve had is a great motivator and provides accountability. Those numbers are a tangible visualization of all the positive experiences volunteers have while taking meaningful action in their community, like meeting new people and feeling good by
doing good.

Additionally, their profile lists the POINT pages of the organizations they’ve volunteered with or donated to. People never have to worry about forgetting the name of a nonprofit they loved, because it’s listed right there!

POINT tracks individual volunteer impact

Volunteer data for employer or school incentives

Volunteers can share their impact with their employer or school to benefit from any incentives they may offer. High schools across the country have implemented mandatory volunteering hours for seniors, and students can easily track their hours spent volunteering with your nonprofit to share with school admins. Since volunteers are checked in by admins and manually added hours have to be approved, any volunteer hours that show up on a user’s profile are automatically verified so you don’t have to submit any extra proof.

It’s also becoming common for employers to offer bonuses, VTO (volunteer time off), or extra incentives to employees who volunteer a certain amount of hours on their own time. POINT gives volunteers an easy way to share this data with their employer. Some companies even match employee donations to nonprofits – POINT lets companies donate money or in-kind goods to your nonprofit! If you notice a company donating to you through POINT, reach out and invite them to join POINT for Work and boost their social impact by co-hosting an event with your organization.

Volunteer data for employer

Boost volunteer engagement with POINT

Give your volunteers an easy way to stay engaged with our free volunteer app and web platform. Want us to walk you through it? Book a demo with our team!

Or if you’re ready to go, sign up for your free nonprofit account! We’ve got the tools and support you need to make positive change by boosting your nonprofit’s people power. (And we’re excited to see your cute little logo listed on our app under the causes you support 🤗 )

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