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Volunteer Time Tracking

Volunteer hours are tracked automatically for POINT events, and volunteers can manually add hours for other volunteer experiences.

Automatic Volunteer Time Tracking

Track volunteer
hours automatically

Anytime a volunteer is checked in to an event, their hours are automatically added to their impact profile and your nonprofit’s stats. If a volunteer just works one shift at a longer event, our tech only adds those hours. Plus, you never have to worry about adding up total volunteer hours in a spreadsheet ever again! Our data analytics and reporting features set you up for success with plenty of automatically-tracked statistics. We even take your organization’s total volunteer hours and translate that to the monetary value it creates for you and your community.

Note: If you are co-hosting an event with another organization, the hours are automatically added to both/all of your accounts
and stats.

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Maximize the benefits of volunteer time tracking features

Our automatic and manual hours tracking tools have lots of benefits for your nonprofit
and volunteers.

Simplify grant proposals
and reporting

Need to add statistics on your volunteer engagement to a grant proposal? We’ve got you covered. Our volunteer hours tracking tools make it super easy to figure out how many hours volunteers contribute each year. You can even use our stats to include more details on volunteer activity. We also simplify grant reporting. Use a program tag for events that contribute to grant work, and easily track all relevant hours. When you have to write your follow up report, grant-specific volunteer hours can be easily found with our automatic statistics tools.

Simplify grant proposals

Give corporate partnerships
a data boost

If you have a company that sponsors volunteering events with your nonprofit, you can create a volunteer group for all their employees. Any time a person in that group volunteers with your organization, even outside of company-sponsored events, their hours are automatically incorporated into the statistics for that group. Share the cumulative impact with your corporate partner by exporting data that just includes their employees’ volunteer hours. You’ll make it so easy for them to report on their impact that they’ll love working with you even more!

Give corporate partnerships

Maximize incentives for volunteers

It’s becoming common for employers to offer incentives for employee volunteering. POINT makes it easy for your volunteers to showcase their community service and be rewarded by their employers. Individual impact is tracked on their profile, and since hours are automatically counted when you check in volunteers (or are manually added and approved by admins), they can take their POINT profile straight to their employer without any extra verification from you. Your high school or college student volunteers can use their impact hours to beef up college applications or
their resume.

Maximize incentives for volunteers

Instant volunteer hour data
and reports

Our software continually syncs so that updates to volunteer hours are instantly visible. Volunteers instantly see their impact grow in their profile, and you get an instant update to your organization’s stats. You never have to worry about accidentally forgetting to add volunteer hours to your tracker, or about accidentally duplicating them. We do all the hard work, and give you clean, easy-to-read reports with your impact totals on your nonprofit dashboard.

Instant volunteer hour data

Save time on admin tasks

Reap the benefits of our innovative, free nonprofit tools! Wanna dive a little deeper first? Book a demo with us, we would love to chat and get to know ya! Ready to get started? Sign up for free!

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