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Volunteer Waivers

A volunteer waiver protects a service provider, like your nonprofit, from liability in the event of an accident involving any of your volunteers. Scroll down to learn how they work on POINT.

Digital Volunteer Waivers

What is a volunteer waiver?

Quite simply, a volunteer waiver is a document created to absolve an organization of liability for any risk involved in carrying out volunteer work.

Intended to protect the service provider in the event of an accident, volunteer waivers set expectations among the company organizing the event, the nonprofit it’s partnering with, and its volunteers. It also confirms that the person signing it understands the risks involved with the task at hand.

What is a volunteer waiver?

How do waivers work on POINT?

When you create an event, you can require the volunteer to electronically agree to a custom waiver on event signup. Simply copy and paste your waiver agreement into the waiver text box! A volunteer will have to agree to the waiver to complete the registration process (shown above).

Records of waiver agreements are stored in the volunteer’s profile under each event with the date of agreement.

Need Pro features like Digital Waivers?

With Pro you get robust features like document storage, program management, ongoing volunteer event management, check-in stations, background checks and priority support.

The best part is, this is just the beginning.
Our team releases new Pro features on a regular basis.

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