Student volunteering has a new starting point.

Our app is the starting point (get it?!) for your students to engage with their community. Our dashboard automatically tracks and verifies student service hours, and school admins get access to management and reporting features.

How student volunteering works on POINT

POINT's synchronized app and dashboard system makes it easy for your school to do more good. Students use the free POINT app to find and sign up for volunteer opportunities. Our cloud-based volunteer management dashboard automatically tracks student volunteering activity, showing you involvement metrics on individual, group, and school-wide levels. Plus, admins get access to management features that will save them time and energy.

Nonprofits your students will love

Special Olympics Habitat alzheimers Ymca Early Learning American Lung Association American Red Cross Global Gifts

Get the most out of POINT


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Giving Tuesday 2023: How to Donate and Why it Matters

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Get your students out of the classroom and into the community.