How to add items from Amazon on my Registry

Adding items from Amazon (Walmart, etc.) to your list is a really easy way for your team to share your needs with a ready-available link to purchase and ship the item to your organization.

How to make this happen:

Start by adding the Registry browser extension to Google Chrome.

Here are the steps: Click on the link > Add to Chrome> Add extension and you’re all set! This lets you add an item to your needs registry straight from the product website.

So, if you’re looking at a 100ct pack of crayons on Walmart.com, just tap the button in your browser bar and it will pull up a window for you to edit the quantity needed and add it to the registry without ever leaving your page. The Registry Chrome Extension currently works on marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart and Target.


Need more help? Check out the full how-to for the In-Kind Needs Registry here. Don’t forget to use the orange chatbox on the dash or email us at support@pointapp.org 

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