Add Notes to Volunteer Profiles

Many nonprofits love to use POINT as their volunteer CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) to keep track of volunteer data. Adding notes to volunteer profiles is a great way to add additional information for each volunteer.

Examples of how to utilize Volunteer Notes:

  • Emergency contact information
  • Tee shirt size
  • Forms the volunteer has signed (waiver, photo release, NDA, etc.)
  • When you met the volunteer, what they love about the organization, etc.

Adding Notes

You can add notes from the Volunteer’s Profile. You can access the volunteer profile by clicking on their name from an event signup or from the Manage volunteers page. From the volunteer profile, click “Create Note”.


  • Only admins from your account will be able to see the notes you add to a volunteer’s profile.
  • Any admin on your organization’s POINT account can access the note and edit.
  • A volunteer user will not see any notes. 

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