Can volunteers use a website?

Short answer: Yes, absolutely. Your volunteers can log onto to POINT at app.pointapp.org. However, we recommend all volunteers download the POINT app in the App Store or Google Play to increase engagement. But we understand not everyone has a smart phone, and that’s why the web app exists.

Why do we recommend volunteers download POINT?

  • Push notifications – your volunteers will receive push notifications right to their phones confirming they signed up for an event, a week before, 48 hours before, 24 hours before, and 1 hour before the event starts. We like to say we bug them so you don’t have to!
  • Easily see your events – When volunteers download the app, they can see all of your events in one place.
  • Be notified of cancellations and event updates – when you change, edit, or cancel your event from the dashboard, the volunteers receive a push notification right to their phone.
  • Easy calendar-add – when a volunteer signs up through POINT on their iPhone, they can add the event to their calendar with one tap. The calendar event + notifications = your volunteers will be more likely to show up, and show up on time!

Want to encourage your volunteers to download POINT?

We get it. People complain about downloading “another app” (trust us – we get this every day). Here are a few snippets to throw into your conversation.

  • When you download the app, it makes it really easy for you to see all of the details of our events. Plus, you get push notifications for cancellations, edits, and reminders.
  • You can easily track all of your hours in one place and add hours that aren’t on the POINT app.

Have suggestions for us? Need help with anything? Let us know at info@pointapp.org or use the little orange chatbox on the dash. We’re here to make your job easier.

No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.