How can I check in my volunteers?

It is really important to check in your volunteers for POINT. Even if you don’t utilize the dashboard reporting features, many schools, companies, and clubs track hours of their members. If you don’t check in a volunteer, their hours will not be counted in their personal profile and they will be counted as a No Show.

Here’s the basics:

When a volunteer shows up, click the drop down next to their name and change their Post-Event Status to “Checked In”. If a volunteer doesn’t show up, change their Post-Event Status to “No Show” or “Dismissed”.

Check In Page Definitions

Pre-Event Status

Volunteer coordinators assign or reserve spots for volunteers as super-admin capabilities. You can reserve and assign spots from the Check-In page as well, but remember, that needs to happen before an event begins.

  • Confirmed – Assigned volunteers, volunteers that signed up on their own, and volunteers that have confirmed their reservation will show up under “Confirmed” on Pre-Event Status.
  • Reserved – Volunteers who have been reserved a spot at the event (either from the volunteer coordinator or a corporate partner admin), but have not yet confirmed they would be attending.

Post-Event Status

Post-Event Status is how hours are tracked in your Event Stats report, so don’t forget to check in your volunteers.

  • Pending – This volunteer has not yet been checked in or assigned a post-event status.
  • Checked In – This volunteer has been checked in and their attendance has been confirmed.
  • No Show – The volunteer did not show up at the event, their hours will not be counted, and will count toward the “No Show” rating on both your overall event stats and the volunteer’s individual profile.
  • Dismissed – The volunteer did not show up at the event and their hours will not be counted.

Note: The “Dismiss” vs. “No Show” is up to you and how you want to use it – most volunteer coordinators mark “Dismiss” when a volunteer clearly communicated their intentions.

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