Everything you Need to Know about Admins:

Your company dashboard account will have one main admin that has access to billing, settings, and your company’s profile. All other admins will have only have access to the groups that the main admin has assigned them.

You can add new admins by navigating to “Settings” then “Add new admin”.

Note: You’ll have to create a group to assign them to first.

The main admin has access to:

  • Billing

  • Company Profile

  • Adding new admins

  • POINTer: One school can have up to three main admins

Group admins have access to:

  • The groups they create

  • The groups they were assigned to by the main admins

  • Creating events

  • Verifying hours

Important note: If you are an admin but want to use the POINT app to find ways you can do more good outside of school or with your family, make sure you use a different email than the one you use to sign into the dashboard (which should be your company domain). 

No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.