How the dashboard and the app work together

Your employees download the free POINT app from the App Store or Google Play. (If they don’t have a smart phone they can use the POINT web app here).

When you upload employee names and emails to the dashboard, employees are sent an email with a join code unique to your company that they enter on the app to link their account to the company (learn how to do that here). This enables you to track their volunteer activity.

Once an employee has signed up for POINT and added their company, they can browse all of the events posted by local nonprofits plus any that their company posts. They can click an event description then sign up by tapping “Go.” It’s really that easy!

Need more details? You got it. Read on.

For employees, we made the POINT app:

POINT empowers employee volunteers to immediately, flexibly, and independently discover local nonprofits, minimizing the amount of effort required to find nearby opportunities for their favorite causes. Volunteers no longer have to search for events through a website or find out via word-of-mouth and register weeks in advance so they can go through the necessary background checks and paperwork. With POINT, volunteers can log in to the app to find nearby events — even on the same day. They can go through all the necessary administrative work to register in minutes and jump right in as a volunteer.

For companies, we made the POINT Dashboard:

A unique code is generated when an administrator uploads employee data (learn how here) and that enables all student volunteer activity to instantly synchronize with your dashboard. Goodbye, paperwork! The dashboard lets you create events, manage groups, and see analytics like the causes your employees care about, where they volunteer most, how many hours they’ve volunteered, and more.

When employees show up to an event, their attendance is automatically recorded on the school dashboard. If employees complete volunteer activities outside of a registered POINT event, they can submit their hours manually through the POINT app and that nonprofit will confirm via email that the hours were completed.

As the administrators, you can track required community service hours for paid time off, employee recognition, inter-departmental competitions, or just track all the good that your employees are doing in the community! The reporting feature on the dashboard lets you see the impact your employees have in the community and easily share out high-level statistics.

No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.