Creating events for corporate partners

One of nonprofits’ favorite reasons to use POINT is tracking corporate partners’ engagement and making it super easy to share volunteer opportunities with groups.

First things first: Did you know that companies can use POINT to track all of their community impact? With POINT, companies get a powerful CSR platform and capabilities to collaborate with your organization via our co-hosting feature. This means both your organization and companies can share data and no longer have to send spreadsheets back and forth to coordinate volunteer events.

Want to invite your favorite company to join POINT? You can do that here or email us to chat more. PS – Companies using POINT to manage their corporate social responsibilities is what keeps it free for nonprofits to use! Cool, right? We call it our Buy + Give model.

How to share private events with corporate partners not on POINT:

1. Create a private event.

  • In your POINT Portal (link to pointapp.org), click on “Manage Events” > “Create Event”
  • As you complete the fields to create your event, find the section called “Event Privacy.”
    • Click on “Private event”
    • Under “Internal invitations” by selecting “Private” and unselecting all groups. When groups are not selected under “Internal Invitations” section, this creates a “secret link” and only those who have the link can sign up for the event.


2. Send the event link to your corporate partner contact.

  • Go back to “Manage Events”
  • Locate the event you just created and click on the “eye icon” 
  • Under the “Share section” click “Copy Link” so that you can share it with your corporate contacts


Your corporate contacts can send the event link to their employees. Employees will create a POINT profile and sign up for your event on the event page. It takes 30 seconds and they can do it right from their desktop, or they can download POINT’s mobile app.

Note: If corporate volunteers already have an account on POINT, when you send them the secret event link, they’ll be able to open the event right in their app.


As people sign up, be sure to monitor the event signups from the event page on your dashboard. To get there:

  • In your POINT Dashboard (Link to pointapp.org), click on “Manage events”
  • Locate your event & click on the “Volunteers” button

On this page you’ll be able to view the number of people who have signed up for the event as well as the names of volunteers.

Is your corporate partner already on POINT?

You can add another organization as a co-host from the Create Events page. Your co-host will be able to invite their internal employees directly through POINT without sending any links. Co-hosting events cuts down on email communication – both hosts will have access to event signups, volunteer profiles, and impact statistics. Read more instructions here.


Have questions? Need help? We’ve got you. Use the orange chatbox on the dash or email us at support@pointapp.org.

No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.