Creating Programs

If you have multiple programs using POINT to manage their volunteers under your organization, then program and event tags will be very helpful in separating information.

When you create programs you can:

  • assign certain admins to receive notifications per program
  • create separate website pages
  • separate out reporting by programs, i.e. “Hours served under Food Pantry”, “Hours served under thrift store”

Creating programs and subprograms

Navigate to Programs > Create program. You have the option to add a description, photo, or designate programs by color. To add a subprogram, click “Create program” and then choose your parent program from the drop down menu.

Adding volunteers to programs

You might add a volunteer to a program if you want to organize volunteers by program. For example, volunteers who determined they’d like to help in the Food Pantry can be assigned to the Food Pantry program.

Click on the program > Volunteers > Add volunteer to program.

POINTER: When a volunteer is added to a program, this is only for admin organization purposes. You will able to see a volunteer’s events attended for that program and their overall stats.

Adding events to programs

When you add an event to a program, then that program will count all hours from that event and report it under “Program Hours”

Volunteers who sign up for an event under a specific program will automatically be a “Program volunteer”. When you look at a volunteer’s profile, you can see what programs they’re a part of. This is helpful to manage and build relationships with your volunteers!

Add an existing event to a program:

From your programs page, click Events > Add Events to Program.

Adding a program while creating an event:

From your Create Event page, click Assign to Program. Please note: you have the option to assign the event to multiple programs, this will track the same hours for both programs.

Volunteers adding their own hours to programs

To submit hours for an individual program, volunteers can head to their profile on the app, they can tap their profile, hit “add hours”, search for your nonprofit name. They have the option to select a program and if they do, their hours will be counted under that program. You can read more about how volunteers submit their own hours here.

When they select a program, the admin’s email assigned to that program will be the one to approve those hours.

To approve submitted hours for a specific program, you can find the submitted hours from the “Notifications” page.

Separating iframes (powering your website) by programs

Have two separate webpages for different programs? No problem. Head to the “Integrations” page and then “Website Integration”.

Click Add Embed Code > Select Program. Name the iframe to categorize your different iframes on your dashboard and help remember which iframe codes you have generated. Note: you can have an iframe with more than one program.

For example, you might have “Fundraising Events” live on your Development page of your website, or you might have “Mentoring” and “Food Pantry” on the Direct Services page of your website.

For more information on adding your events to your website, click here.

Troubleshooting: events not showing up on the program iframe? Double check that the event is added to the program. You’ll be able to see the program tag from the event preview page and under the “Program” tab.

Have questions? Need help? We’ve got you. Use the orange chatbox on the dash or email us at support@pointapp.org.

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