How can I donate on POINT?

POINT is here for you, and we’re here for our city. We’ve got ways for you to help nonprofits while they help those most likely to be affected by Coronavirus. While our lives may feel out of control, we are also asking ourselves: “How can I do more good right now?” This week our team has worked hard to give you a starting point (yes, pun intended) to do more good and help stop the spread of COVID-19. Simply put, let’s take care of each other.

Want to do more good from home? We’ve gotchu.

  1. Search for your favorite nonprofits in the “Causes” tab of your app. Can’t find it? Invite them to join POINT here.
  2. Tap their profile.
  3. Hit “Donate”.
  4. BOOM. It’s that easy. The nonprofit will receive a check from POINT Global at the end of the month and your financial impact will show up in your POINT profile and on the dashboard of the nonprofit.

Questions? Check out the FAQs below or feel free to email us here.

    • Why should I donate to nonprofits on POINT?
      • POINT has a charity registry, sorted by cause category. This makes it easy to find
        awesome local charities and see how they are helping with COVID-19 relief efforts, all in one place. Plus, you can track your donations on your POINT volunteering profile.
    • Is POINT a nonprofit or a for-profit?
      • Both! There are two POINT entities. POINT Technologies owns the software
        provided as “POINT,” and a separate entity, POINT Global, is a 501c3 nonprofit that enables us to direct donations to local charities, as well as provide program based support to nonprofits. Through POINT Global, all donations on POINT are 100% tax deductible.
      • We started out as a nonprofit; read our CEO’s letter on why we made the change.
    • Does POINT keep a percentage of the donations?
      • Our mission is to make our top-notch tech available for ​free​ to 501c3 nonprofits,
        yes ​free.​ We believe that great nonprofits deserve great tech and that it shouldn’t break the bank. POINT Technologies charges a 2% processing fee from donations to make sure we are able to sustain this crucial part of our mission and keep our tech free.
        In response to COVID-19, POINT Technologies will not be charging any processing fees on mask donations.
    • Why are there fees?
      • Donations are processed through ​Stripe​, who take a 2.2% + 30c card processing fee. POINT provides our volunteer management platform to nonprofits for free because we believe great charities deserve great tech. In order to sustain this, POINT Technologies take a small 2% fee from every donation.
    • Does my donation get sent to the charity immediately?
      • POINT sends charities a check on the first of the month for the total amount donated to them in the previous month if donating through the link on a charity’s profile. This helps us keep all of our processing fees to a minimum.
    • What charities can I donate to on POINT?
      • If you have a specific charity in mind, you can search for it on our app under the “Causes” tab. Or, you can explore each cause and see a list of POINT charities underneath. Click on a charity to be taken to their profile where you can make a donation.
    • Can I donate to a nonprofit that’s not on POINT?
      • You can only use POINT to donate to charities that are on our platform. If you want to donate to a charity not yet on POINT, invite them to join! Our charity management dashboard is 100% free for nonprofits. Learn more at pointapp.org/charity.
    • Does my $5 really help?
      • Absolutely. A lot of little donations from thousands of people ​adds up quickly​. Especially since many charities have had to cancel fundraisers due to COVID-19, every donation plays a vital role in sustaining their mission. Whether you can afford $5 here and there, or $50, your financial support goes a long way.
    • How can my company match my donation?
      • You can forward your e-receipt to your employer as proof of donation, and ask them if they are willing to match it. If they are able, reach out to ​info@pointapp.org and copy your company so we can help them match your donation.
      • You can also ​invite your company​ to create an account on POINT and subscribe to our CSR management platform. This way they can track the impact of their donations and the aggregate impact of employee giving.
    • How do you protect my information?
      • Our donation software is secure and encrypted. We share your name, email, and amount donated with the nonprofit, and use this information to make sure donations are correctly tracked in your account.
      • We ​never​ sell data. Read our privacy policy ​here.
    • Can I donate anonymously?
      • Not at this time. You need to have a POINT profile in order to donate to specific charities. You can ​register​ for a free account on our website, or by downloading our free app for ​iOS​ or ​Android​.

No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.