How To Edit My School’s Profile:

Note: Only main admins can access.

Your school profile is important — this is where all your students connect with you. Be sure to make it snazzy!

You can edit your school’s profile by navigating to “School Profile” on the dashboard sidebar, then clicking the little pencil in the upper right hand corner.

Tips for Making a Great Profile: 

  1. Make sure the username is affiliated with your school and not your own name.

  2. Make sure the “About” section isn’t too wordy; 2-3 sentences should get the point across! App users have the ability to click on your website link on your profile page and can get more information there.

  3. Try not to use your school logo as your profile picture–using pictures of your student volunteers or school mascot is more engaging.

No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.