How do I add items to my registry?

This support article is for adding items to your registry without using an external link. Want to add items from Amazon to your needs registry? Read more here.

What can I list on the registry? 

Add items to your registry that your nonprofit needs to be donated in kind or funded. You can list specific items, like ‘BIC Pen Pack’ and give a link to that item in particular, or you can list general items like ‘permanent markers’. 

If you are listing a general item, like ‘any type of hand sanitizer’ or a  ‘used coat’  just click “Add Item” and fill in the general information about the product you need, with a cost estimate. 

How do I list something on the registry? 

Let people know how many TOTAL you need right now. Instead of listing ‘permanent markers’ 50 times, list it once and choose 50 for the quantity. People can choose to buy one, another amount, or the full amount needed.

Tip: Use the Item Description section to tell your supporters why the item is important to your nonprofit’s mission.

What is the difference between a funded item and a gifted item? 

Gifted items are things that someone can purchase directly through the link and send it to the address you list, or it means that they will buy it in-person and drop it off at the location listed. 

Funded items are for products that you need, but would rather have people donate to fund so that you can buy them in bulk, from a certain supplier, at a specific time, etc. It’s essentially a directed donation



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