How do the app and dashboard work together?

At POINT, we’ve created the easiest way to volunteer, ever. But we didn’t stop there. We also wanted to make the easiest way for nonprofits to manage volunteers as well.

To the community, POINT is like Uber for volunteering – one app to volunteer for any cause. But we’re more than that – nonprofits can use POINT as a free management tool to easily post events, manage signups and groups, and automatically report on activity. Picture Eventbrite + Salesforce, but for volunteering.

Read below to see how it all works.

For volunteers, we made the POINT app:

Volunteers can access POINT on iOS, Android, or through the web. When you post a volunteer opportunity, volunteers can sign up while signed into POINT or sign up through a specific event link.

When a volunteer signs up for an opportunity posted by a nonprofit, they can add the event to their calendar, get automatic reminders, and track their own overall impact in their profile.

For nonprofits, we made the POINT dashboard:

To create a profile on POINT and begin scheduling events, the volunteer administrator (or nonprofit’s POINT person) simply needs to sign up for the POINT dashboard. When the nonprofit administrator creates an event on the POINT dashboard, the event is then filtered to volunteers who care about the cause corresponding to the event in the nearby geographic location.

Volunteers can respond as ‘attending’ by selecting the event in-app, tapping ‘Go’, and when they show up to the event their attendance is automatically recorded live on the dashboard.

POINT’s dashboard subscriptions provide an array of demographic metrics to nonprofits, giving them the quantitative tools they need to analyze and improve their operations. This includes but is not limited to: volunteer age breakdowns, geographic analysis, hours of aggregate impact, active volunteers and monthly event engagement.

No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.