How do volunteers use POINT?

POINT empowers volunteers to find new opportunities immediately, flexibly, and independently. As a mobile app, POINT minimizes the amount of effort required to search and register for volunteer events. POINT uses a volunteer’s geographic location and chosen interests to find nearby opportunities. Want to give step-by-step instructions for your own volunteers to download and sign up? Check that out here.

How easy is it?

Step 1: Get the app!

Volunteers can download POINT here on Apple and here on Android.

Volunteers no longer have to search for events through a website or find out via word-of-mouth and register weeks in advance. Now, they can log in to the app to find what events are available nearby, even on the same day.

Step 2: Sign up!

We ask volunteers to populate information your charity might need for registration, i.e. name, birthday, city, email address and more.

In only a few minutes, the volunteer can go through all the necessary administrative work to register, and jump in as a volunteer.

Step 3: Just tap ‘Go!’

Once the profile is set, volunteers are free to select events, tap ‘Go!’, and show up!

And then what? POINT reminds them.

And after they sign up we send reminders to their phone. (Gone are the days where the excuse for missing an event can be “I didn’t see your email”).

How do volunteers use POINT?

All you have to do is check them in.

Go to your event, hit “volunteers” and you’ll see a green “check in” button to check in your volunteers. POINT automatically counts hours for your volunteers!

That’s it.

In just 3 steps,  volunteering is made as easy as it should be – for them, and for you.

Just like you and your volunteers fill community needs, POINT aims to fill yours. Our mission is that with POINT’s app and volunteer management dashboards, you and the volunteers who support you can be freed up to simply do what you do best.

No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.