How to Co-Host an Event on POINT

Co-host an event with other organizations on POINT

POINT now has co-hosting, making it easy for schools, businesses, and other community organizations to coordinate volunteering for events with nonprofit partners. It could be for a fundraiser, annual event, walk/run, community event, etc — anything where a nonprofit is partnering with at least one other organization and you need volunteers. You can also use it to streamline COVID-19 response efforts across entire communities. 

Co-hosting is not ideal for events that have not been planned at all. When you create an event on POINT, adding a co-host lets you invite both organization’s existing POINT users and source more volunteers if needed. It allows you to coordinate volunteers needed. 

A co-host should not be caught off guard by the co-hosting invitation email. Please coordinate event specifics with your co-hosts directly. 

So how do you use POINT to coordinate and source volunteers?

1.  Identify your co-host 

On the POINT event, the co-host should be the person you are planning with who knows and will be aware of what is happening. 


2. Add your co-host to the event 

To add a co-host to the event, you need to use the email that is associated with their POINT account and enter it in the space for “Hosts” When your event is published, your co-hosts will get an invitation email prompting them to respond to the request. There will also be a notification on the dashboard when they log in next to the Events tab. 

Getting an error message? Try these things:

  1. Make sure the email you typed in is actually an admin on POINT. 
  2. If your point of contact on the event doesn’t have access to the dashboard, get the email of the admin on POINT. 


3. Mark the event Private or Public

If the event is public, then each co-hosting organization will be able to invite all of their members/volunteers, and anyone on POINT will be able to see and sign up to volunteer. 

If the event is going to be private to just your organizations, please mark it as private. Each co-host will be able to choose whether their whole organization sees the event, or only a select group. 

4. Add in event details 

The event creator and the listed co-hosts are able to edit the event details. Please be specific in what volunteers can expect to do, and anything they may need to bring/wear (e.g., close-toed shoes, canned food donations, a face mask or other PPE). All hosts are notified if another host makes an edit to the event. 

Reminder: Co-host invites expire 1 hour before the event begins. 

5. Share your event 

You can pin this event to the top of the feed for people in your organization, or you can share the event link on social media or via text. Just click the green “share” button on the event page to get the event 


Reminder: If you’re having any trouble, check out the Support page on the dashboard, use the orange chatbox, or email support@pointapp.org 

No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.