How to Create an Organization Account on POINT

Hi there! Welcome to POINT🧡 We’re excited to do more good with you!

If you are the head admin/POINT person for a charity, business, school, or community organization, you’ll need to create an organizational account and profile to be able to post events on POINT or use our management features.

First, create your own profile. 

POINT is like Facebook—you can’t create an organization page unless you have a personal profile. When you sign up on pointapp.org (or login, if you’ve used POINT before), you will make your personal account first.

You can sign up with either your personal or organization-specific email. In settings, you can set a primary email, or add or delete email addresses associated with your account. 

Create a POINT account here: https://dash.pointapp.org/sign-up

This profile will be linked to your organization’s POINT account, and give you admin access for your organization. You can also use this profile to sign up to volunteer, on your own time, for any event on the POINT platform.

This account will stay yours, even if you leave your current position. So, you can still use POINT to volunteer on your own time (if you want) without affecting any hours you’ve accumulated.

You’ll get a confirmation email sent to the email you use, letting you know that your personal account has been created.

Now you’re ready to make your organization’s account.

Things you’ll need: 

  • EIN number (this is a 9-digit tax ID that we need to verify all organizations on POINT are legitimate) 
  • A logo/image to use as your organization’s profile photo 
  • For nonprofits: a list of current volunteers to invite to POINT (optional) 
  • For schools/companies/other: a list of current students/employees/members to upload and invite to POINT (mandatory)

Sign in to the POINT account you just made here: http://pointapp.org/sign-in/

  • Select “Add Organization” in the box that says “Create an organization on POINT”

From here, you will enter in all of your organization’s information. Add the name, a photo (we recommend using a logo), and contact information. Please list the information of the person who will be the main contact if volunteers ever have questions—it may or may not be you. After filling in the basics, add a brief description of your organization. We recommend a short paragraph or two.

Select the causes you support.

If you’re a nonprofit, pick the causes most central to your organization’s mission. Volunteers on the app can click on a cause and see the nonprofits that support it, so it’s important you choose all relevant causes.

If you’re a school, business, or other organization, pick the causes that matter the most to your members, or the ones that relate best to your organization’s core values. (For example, a school would probably pick the “education” cause, among any others.)

AAAAAAND that’s it! You’ve signed up your organization on POINT!

You should have gone through a demo of the dashboard with your City Director, but if you haven’t and would like to, you can sign up for one here. The first time you open the dashboard, you’ll be guided through how it works, and those pointers are always available by clicking the icon in the top right corner.

If you need help, reach out to support@pointapp.org

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