How do I use the needs registry on POINT?

So, what is a nonprofit registry and how do I use it?

Hi there! We’re glad you asked. The POINT registry is the nonprofit version of a baby or wedding registry like Zola or Baby’s List.

We know that charities across the country are dealing with increased need for their services due to COVID-19, but are working with limited funds and people-power. Plus, by the time needs get shared widely enough on social media for people to respond/buy, they could be outdated.

POINT created an in-kind donation registry so that people can direct donations to specific needs you have, or drop off items from the registry at your nonprofit’s office. 

How do I get started? 

First, start by logging into your organization’s dashboard account. Once you’re there, you’ll see a tab called “Needs Registry” on the left hand side. If you don’t have a nonprofit dashboard, no sweat. Sign up here, POINT is completely free for nonprofits. 

Then add the Registry browser extension to Google Chrome. Here are the steps: Click on the link > Add to Chrome> Add extension and you’re all set! This lets you add an item to your needs registry straight from the product website. So, if you’re looking at a 100ct pack of crayons on Walmart.com, just tap the button in your browser bar and it will pull up a window for you to edit the quantity needed and add it to the registry without ever leaving your page. The Registry Chrome Extension currently works on marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart and Target.

What can I list on the registry? 

Add items to your registry that your nonprofit needs to be donated in kind or funded. You can list specific items, like ‘BIC Pen Pack’ and give a link to that item in particular, or you can list general items like ‘permanent markers’. 

If you are listing a general item, like ‘any type of hand sanitizer’ or a  ‘used coat’  just click “Add Item” and fill in the general information about the product you need, with a cost estimate. 

If you’re listing a specific product, click “Add Item” and then you can copy the URL into the top of the item description. We will try to automatically fill out as much information as we can. Please fill in what we can’t autofill.

How do I list something on the registry? 

There are a couple of ways to add items to the needs registry on POINT. The easiest way is to add our Google Chrome browser extension to your bookmarks (see “How do I get started?” above). Whenever you’re on a online store’s product page for something you need (e.g., you’re looking at disposable gloves on Amazon), simply click the link in your bookmarks bar and it will pull up the “Add Item” popup and link the item to your needs registry.


Let people know how many TOTAL you need right now. Instead of listing ‘permanent markers’ 50 times, list it once and choose 50 for the quantity. People can choose to buy one, another amount, or the full amount needed.

Tip: Use the Item Description section to tell your supporters why the item is important to your nonprofit’s mission.

What is the difference between a funded item and a gifted item? 

Gifted items are things that someone can purchase directly through the link and send it to the address you list, or it means that they will buy it in-person and drop it off at the location listed. 

Funded items are for products that you need, but would rather have people donate to fund so that you can buy them in bulk, from a certain supplier, at a specific time, etc. It’s essentially a directed donation

How can I share this needs registry with my supporters? 

On the homepage of your registry, you will see a Registry URL. You can copy this and share it with your supporters and volunteers.
This is what your registry will look like to the public:

How can I see the items people have donated or funded? 

From your dashboard, you can open up the Needs Registry tab on the left hand side, and view both the items listed on your registry, and the items people have purchased/funded.

No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.